Wrath of Gods is..

Wrath of Gods - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

Darkly heavy raging metaliciousness  that’s going to severely damage your neck enticing you to keep up their full on insane drumming, dank loopy bass,  tasty shredding and monstrous vocals. This is perfect music for tearing your room apart as you pretend slamming in the pit with your homies. Okay do a Zoom sesh then!  Fuck this shit isn’t forever and I heard about a couple of places that might be open to warehouse sessions. So, just check our Wrath of Gods and don’t forget to share with your neighbors!


Band Information and Social Media

Band Members: Taylor – Vocals,  Chaz – Guitar,  Lil T – Guitar,  Parker – Bass   and Will – Drums

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Yes, the best part of each and every post! Below you will find a couple of Bandcamp tracks and one video that is please enjoy the following tracks!


From xBrutalYouth666x on YouTube!

How’s About That Wrath of Gods, eh?

First off, Thank YOU so much for dropping in! You are very much appreciated. I hope each of you are all doing well. So, what did you think of Wrath of Gods? I love music that is this angry. Seriously, it’s just the most perfect therapy in the world! Damn! I cannot wait for this Covid shit to blow over or for me to pull my head out of my ass and find somebody with some rural property or a warehouse for a underground show. Please be sure to connect with Wrath of Gods!  Now more than ever, our musicians need to know that they are not forgotten and still very much appreciated. Anyways, stay safe and well. WE will all party SOOOON!  \m/

*All images and tracks are property of Wrath of Gods*