A Heightened Level Of Originality

As a fan of metal, when one goes to a club promising a killer full metal line up, you rather expect to see bands consisting of the usual guitarists, bassists, drummers and perhaps a keyboardist. Of course, there are some amazingly talented groups consisting of just two musicians who somehow sound like a group of four or more.

When I saw Author & Punsher at San Diego’s Brick by Brick, that’s what I thought too. Therefore, that night, I was like, “What the holy fucking hell was I looking at?”.

Up on the stage, was this confusing sort of a set up that rather appeared it could possibly be a keyboard but then there was levers, a metal sort of spool sitting there, a press machine ( idk ) and a lap top screen. Then one man walks up, stands amongst this unique contraption. Suddenly, began to absolutely melt faces with mind wrecking intent whilst slamming out the heaviest powerfully crunchy ear candy I’ve every heard. Now this is a heightened level of originality! Who is this master of such unique and massively heavy industrial metal?

The Artist…

Author & Punisher also known as Tristan Shone. I did a blog post about Auther & Punisher, a couple of years ago, on my defunct blog. Now, with this new blog, I feel compelled to share this mind wrecking artist once again. Tristan Shone aka Author & Punisher, is over and beyond, unique.

I enjoy those who create music using the instruments and those who have invented their own methods. Originality is the name of the game and supporting your local music scene will ensure that creativity will bloom and originality will thrive. Below you’ll find 3 Author & Punisher videos. Also, I have included the social media links for Author & Punisher. So, please check out those links and follow Author & Punisher for more information, merchandise and upcoming shows!

Social Media and Videos!


From the YouTube channel – Author & Punisher ( Please subscribe! )


Author & Punisher 07/15 at Brick by Brick. From the YouTube channel – Cosmicj ( please subscribe )

Video is from the YouTube channel – junkXfilms ( please subscribe!)


Thank you for reading!

Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped in on this fledgling blog. I hope you will continue to check back, of course. Be sure to connect with Author & Punisher. He has lots of shows coming up and does tour in the USA and internationally. He might even come to your area soon! Thanks again!

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