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Hello there! I just wanted to update the Warpath post with their newest creation. The song is called, “Sleep”, it’s acoustic but still is sooooooooo fucking metal! On a personal standpoint, I heard the raw heartrending emotion in this song which, I thought, is empowering.  We make mistakes, we persevere, we readjust and we come out stronger.  Check it “Sleeper” the newest metal confection from San Diego’s Warpath and tell me what you think! Be safe and well always. \m/ 


Metal In Our Mountains

When most people think of San Diego’s mountains, they may think of the picturesque mountain town of Julian with it’s apple pie, bluegrass, wineries and mining history. They may also think of Santa Ysabel as that bitty town where Dudley Bakery is and that cute little stores across the road. Which is fine, of course. But now, after reading this post, lets hope people will soon realize that some of San Diego’s most talented metal band members were also raised in our beautiful mountains. Gold isn’t the only precious metal in our mountains. Meet….


Warpath is an all American Native metal band whose members come from the Santa Ysabel and Barona Indian Reservations. Warpath’s music is influenced by their heritage as witnessed in unique drum patterns and soulful lyrics. Warpath’s metal creations are passionate, brutal and unique. I’ve had the pleasure of catching a couple of Warpath’s shows. Warpath has quite a following but everyone is so welcoming. Their shows are an experience of friendly crowd interactions and thunderously face melting music. Seriously, it’s a party! Below you’ll find the links to follow for future Warpath shows, track and video releases. \m/

Warpath Members:

Chance Perez – Lead Vocals / Guitar * Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel

Danny Trujillo – Bass * Barona Band of Mission Indians

Harrison Whitecloud – Lead Guitar *Barona Band of Mission Indians

Dean Osuna – Drums *Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel


Warpath’s Connections, Tracks and Videos!

By now, you should know that the best way to keep up with any independent band is to follow them on their social medias. So…

For information about Warpath’s shows, follow them on…




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SOUNDCLOUD( For downloads )

I LOVED this video. I have seen Warpath live a couple of times and each time has been outstanding. However, the following video was released only 3 weeks ago and reflects that Warpath is just getting better by the fucking minute!

Warpath – “Roots” video found on Warpath Nation on YouTube. Please subscribe.

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We appreciate you so much for taking the time to check out San Diego Blather. We will have just begun so please do check back. As for Warpath? Go to one of their shows! It may sound odd to say that any metal band brings “positive vibes” to their shows but Warpath truly does. Yes, Warpath will destroy your neck and face too! \m/

*Images and video are property of Warpath and were found on their Facebook page and Youtube channel.*