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When you think of Punk Rock, don’t you think that there should be a strong aggressive note of a rebellious attitude? You want a punk rock band that’s putting out a shit ton of fun with insane bouncy beats? Yes! A righteous punk rock band should make you want to hit that pit and mosh away all that stress and frustration, right? You know,  from having to deal with the bullshit of the daily grind and people who just simply jerk us around like it’s their fucking job? Then you have to check out War Fever! You’ll hate yourself if you don’t. On 02/22/20, you can catch War Fever as part of an extremely talented line up which includes our local SouthTowne Sham  and traveling all the way from, Santa Barbara –  Defeating The Purpose . More information? Click HERE

Band Information and Social Media

War Fever Members:  Front man, BJ Anderson is the only member listed.

Social Media: FACEBOOK       INSTAGRAM           BANDCAMP

Description was found on War Fever’s Bandcamp profile, where you can purchase and downloads their super fun Punk Rock creations!! Including their highly recommended, newest release, “Waste My Time”. Yes, I will have a tasty sample of that.

“San Diego hardcore punk rock outfit, WAR FEVER, has been stoking fans and surprising new crowds alike with their unrelenting, in your face commitment to pure sonic chaos. Arriving on the scene in 2017, they’ve garnered attention by sharing the stage with such acts as Guttermouth, Death By Stereo and Lower Class Brats to name a few. The new EP Waste My Time releases with 5 new songs on 01/11/19.”

Sample Track and Video!!

The following tracks are War Fever’s, “Waste My Time” and ” Spent” from Bandcamp where you can purchase the full EP.



Found on, Uriel Montes on YouTube, this is War Fever performing, “Jelly Bean”  at the Salty Frog ( no longer open ).

Thank you!!

We really appreciate you for taking the time to visit San Diego Blather. We hope you enjoyed meeting War Fever and will support this hard working punk rock band by connecting with them via their social media links. Oh and definitely, at one of their shows! Please feel free to connect with San Diego Blather on Facebook and  Instagram too. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again! Be safe and well always!