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wackenmetalbattle - metal, punk rock & cannabis - san diego blatherWacken Metal Battles are for YOU. That is, if you ADORE metal and love convenience, you cannot go wrong by attending a Wacken Metal Battle. Seriously, the Wacken Metal Battle is basically a one stop party your ass off and senses altering event. For example, last night’s event included 6 bands, a door fee of $15 and a shit ton of fun that will leave you grinning for days! Last night was Wacken Metal Battle Round 1 and it was held at San Diego’s Brick by Brick. This was a fucking tremendous event with each of the competing 6  bands bringing their 200% to the stage. So brutal was this entire line up that my hearing and neck are kind of fucked for the next few days but, yes, it was soooooo worth it!

The Bands From Last Night Included..

Yes, I’m just going to keep this short by posting, a link for each of the 6 bands – one of the following: a Facebook page or a website or their music page. I will do some posts for each band with their other social media links, information and music samples too. This is just preliminary shit. You know, I’m just a “in and out sort of a “wham bam Thank You Ma’am” sort of person by my posts. The 3 bands were picked to move forward were, Defy The Tyrants, Segrulath and Mystic Ritual. The judges were from local bands: Sean Peck (The 3 Tremors, Death Dealer and Cage)
Nick Harrington (Nightshadow) and Mark Dow (Helsott ). I don’t envy these judges because each and every single one of the musicians in all 6 bands brought their 200% to the stage. 

In order of line up:    Erida   ♥    Cryptic    ♥     Defy The Tyrants    ♥    Mystic Ritual    ♥    Sergulath    ♥     Necrochamber     


A Bit Of Background..

So, what is Wacken Metal Battle anyways? Obviously, this is a competition but this is not just a San Diego based one but it is a nationally held competition too. Oh wait.. it gets better. Wacken Battle Metal evolves to a international competition. The prize? The highly coveted and cry yourself to sleep praying for prize? The chance to perform and compete in the Wacken Metal Battle held in the town of Wacken in Northern Germany. Since 2004, Wacken has been the location of this insane metal competition of the best of the best from vetted from city to city, state to state then country to country to compete at the main event, Wacken Metal Battle in Germany. Prizes to the top 5 bands include cash, gear and chance to play at other music festivals but the prizes change to reflect the current trends and perceived needs of the bands at the time. Not to mention, it’s just a fucking riot of a party. Really, who isn’t down for that? If you’re thinking, “I want to party at the Wacken Metal Battle in Wacken, Germany!?!” Well, you can’t, it’s sold out! I know,  boooo hooo and waaaah!!

However, we still have one more round of San Diego Wacken Metal Battle coming up ….

Round 2 of San Diego’s Wacken Metal Band Battle.

Yes, if you missed Wacken Metal Battle Round 1, you still have the round 2 AND there will be another event following both rounds.  Drop back by for that information. Meanwhile, click HERE to purchase your tickets and find out who is bringing their 200% beast mode to Brick by Brick on March 14th! Don’t miss out!

Thank you for dropping in! We know you have your choices so we do appreciate you so much for giving San Diego Blather a glance. Be safe and well always! \m/

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