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Thread The Lariat - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherBeautifully crafted rock n roll with clearly fine tuned vocals, rocking beats, slight fuzzy riffs then melodic with truly lovely finger picking; Thread The Lariat is a prime example that alternative rock is alive and thriving.  When the moment calls for music that is wonderfully soul satisfying that’s going to snag you with rock’n beats, one simply cannot go wrong by listening to Thread The Lariat. For your consideration, I have included a couple of their tracks and videos. So, while you’re enjoying yourself, please connect with Thread the Lariat through their following social medias for updates on future events, merchandise and downloads. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to see shows again but until then, lets support our music scene as best as we can.

Band Information & Social Media

This interesting bio was taken from Thread The Lariat’s website –

“Go out flying in the wind. Won’t be swayed as a storm pulls into the the eye of your mind again”


Members: Collin Davis – Vocals,  Douglas Bell – Guitar / Vocals,   Alexander Brennan – Guitar,     Aaron Torske – Bass  and Oscar Quintero – Drums

Social Media:  WEBSITE    ♥     FACEBOOK    ♥      INSTAGRAM      ♥      SOUNDCLOUD        ♥    YOUTUBE      ♥



Time to let go of the bullshit and simply enjoy the following tracks and two videos. Please let me know what you think!

Thread The Lariat, “Break The Fall”,  June 22, 2018

Thread The Lariat, ” Atrium” October 11, 2017


What Did You Think?

Obviously, I really like Thread The Lariat but this blog isn’t so much about what I think of any band but what you thought. So, please feel free to comment and please share Thread The Lariat with your friends. Don’t forget to hit Thread The Lariat up through the enclosed social media links. Why? Because everything we’re dealing with right now, is temporary. Music? Well, music is going to keep us going through it all. Hasn’t music  always carried you before? So lets keep our local music scene alive!  I hope that all is well with you and everyone you know. Thank you for dropping in! Be safe and well always!

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