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Theosis’s style of Death Metal is like a beast climbing up from the deep depths of fire and brimstone who is ruthlessly pushing aside souls and boulders out it’s way to rip your face off! Theosis is melodic Death Metal with  tremendously shredding  and pugnacious drums with outrageous aggression. You’re just going to have to check this shit out for yourself!



San Diego is slowly opening up just as we’ve all reached our limit of Netflix and Hulu so be sure to hook up with Theosis through their enclosed social media links for info on future shows. I have included some Theosis creations for you to share with your neighbors. I hope you love Theosis!

Band Information

Found on Theosis on Facebook: 

“Theosis is a band out of San Diego playing a unique sound of melodic death metal you won’t hear anywhere else!

Theosis is a heavy collaboration of speed, melodic, and thrash metal from San Diego, CA. Powerful vocals, hard – hitting double bass, and harmonized guitar riffs are what makes this band’s unique sound.”

Members: John Haskins-Lead Vocals,    Dana Roselli-Guitar,    Lee Burgos-Guitar,   Zac Hariot-Bass,     Daniel Lillo-Drums

Social Media:    FACEBOOK    ♣       INSTAGRAM      ♣         BANDCAMP      ♣       YOUTUBE 


I have a couple of  track samples for you from Theosis on Instagram and Bandcamp for your enjoyment. Plus, I have a video! Turn it UP!

I loved this Instagram post because I have often felt that metal has roots in classical music with it’s intricate musical construct. Below the IG share, you’ll find a video so keep scrolling!


How’s It Going?

Good? I hope that you are all doing well. Thank you for dropping in today. What did you think of Theosis? I’ve seen them play at Brick by Brick a couple of times over the years. Their shows are never less than legitimately brutal! You’re going to love it! I hope to see you all soon. Be safe and well always!
*The top image is one taken by me. All other images, videos and etc are property of Theosis*