Adding “Going to go hella crazy with The Writhers”…

The Writhers - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blatherto my list of “Things To Do ASAP When It’s Safe”.  San Diego’s Horror Punk / Rockabilly, The Writhers, is one of the most tantalizing gems in the our local music scene. Their creations are slap you silly motivators of  massive debauchery of shameless mayhem. I loved their Horror Punk theme, the  vocals, the bouncy punk rock / rockabilly beats that are truly hardcore but with an occasional tinge of those vintage beats reminiscent of the theme for the sitcom “The Munsters.” Sound insanely fun? Fuck yes! I’m definitely adding them to my list and I hope  you do too.  Lets continue…

Band Information and Social Media Links

Members: Robert Writhe – Vocals / Accordion,  Chewy Morsel – Guitar,  Rikk R Treat – Drums  and Kenny Wolfsbane – Bass.

Social Media:   WEBSITE   ♠    FACEBOOK    ♠    INSTAGRAM    ♠   BANDCAMP    ♠   YOUTUBE   ♠ Because the National Resources link was included on The Writhers Instagram, I’m adding it too. I’m a POC who is very supportive of equal rights, BLM, Trans rights and extremely against police brutality. Are you? Click HERE.

An Interview and Music!

You’re really going to love The Writhers after this post! Below is one track from The Writhers on Bandcamp, a music video from The Writhers on Facebook, followed by an interview video by Rick R Treat / Punk’n Patch on YouTube. Please enjoy and don’t forget to connect with The Writhers through their social media links.



Adding The Writhers To Your List?

I hope so! I have a HUGE list of shit I want to do when it’s “safe” to do so. Meanwhile, we can continue to support our local artists and bands by connecting with them through their social media accounts and purchasing merchandise. A vaccine is coming soon and it won’t be long before we will get to see a show. *fingers crossed*   Thank you for dropping in! You are so appreciated. Please be safe and well always!

*All images, music and videos are property of The Writhers*