The Strikers!

The beauty of supporting your local music scene is happening upon bands who infuse genres to create luscious ear candy. Case in point, The Strikers! This San Diego based band, who according to the bio on their Facebook page, have drawn from the influences of psychobilly, punk rock, rock n roll and metal  then artfully created material that is original and hardcore. When listening to The Strikers, we heard the metal/hardcore punk vocals, the punk drum beats, the harder then hard rock guitar riffs and the fuck it fun that is specific to psychobilly. Have we actually seen The Strikers play? Sadly, no. As much as we love San Diego’s Punk and Metal scene, we are unable to make it to as many shows as we would love to. You know, the whole work vs play scenario and the inability to be in more than one place at once. Anyways, we missed The Strikers when they opened for Nekromantix  with Stellar Corpses at the Brick by Brick. So, hopefully, The Strikers will play soon and on a Saturday night, please! Who knows? We might have the opportunity on a Saturday night and that would be amazing! *crossing fingers*

Band Info and Social Media Links

Please be sure to hook up with The Strikers on their social media accounts. As you know by now, social media is the best way to stay up to date on any band’s upcoming  events, music and merchandise.


The Strikers Members

Joey – Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Rob – Upright Bass / Vocals

Donovan – Drums


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A Listen and A Peek!

Everyone loves samples! Here are a couple of tidbits to whet your appetite. We hope that you enjoy them! The following track was found on Reverbnation. All of The Strikers tracks are bitch’n but our favorites were, “Breakdown” and “Wolves Teeth”.  That’s just us! You should give this a listen and a peek then share the goodness with your neighbors!


This video was found  The Strikers on Facebook. Released on October 17, 2018.


Thank you!!

As usual, we don’t blather on and on about whatever. We’re just here to introduce a band, chit chat a bit then we’re out! We greatly appreciate you for taking the time to drop in for a visit. Please hook up with The Strikers on their social media accounts for updates on future events, releases and merchandise purchases. Thank you so much for visiting! Be safe and well always. \m/

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*All images, track and video were found on the Facebook page and Reverbnation account for The Strikers and are not property of San Diego Blather.*