1. So This is The Rookies…

I have to confess, when I first heard about The Rookies and that they were playing at an all ages venue, I thought they would lean more towards a lighter but not fully pop punk rock sound. They don’t! After listening to their tracks and watching their videos, I was like, ” Ahhhh! So, this is The Rookies!” Duh! It’s not as if I have never seen a hardcore punk or metal show at SOMA either. So, I’m dumb.

I felt their music is full of emotion, aggressive shredding, neck wrecking drums and lyrics that scorch. As a whole, this a band that slams on many levels. Which is why I enjoyed watching The Rookies utterly destroy the stage at SOMA ,San Diego . I had a massively fun time! Yes, I would go to one of their shows again.

A Bit of Blathering..

The Rookies is tremendous example of how magical music is. To me, music and all art, has the ability to transcends social constructed barriers. You know, those barriers! Those social construct barriers and ideas that individuals in various stages of their lives must be confined to certain activities and ideas. We’re programmed to believe that this is “normal”. However, The Rookies slap down these assumptions and barriers with ease. How?  Their difference in ages is a slap down to ageism. The drummer is 13 years old. He has been playing the drums since he was 3 years old. Also, guess what? The Rookies are not related. They  have come together through friendship and that’s even better! If you continue to reading past this inane  paragraph, you’ll know exactly what I mean. So, let us move on past the  blathering on and shoot right to the best parts!

Band Information and Social Media Links!

Fist, of course, band information and their social media links. You cannot stay updated without hooking up with The Rookies so please do so.

The Rookies Members ( according to their Facebook page ) 

Jeremy Rolison – Vocals

Andrew Roper –  Guitar

Johnny Verbeek – Bass Guitar

Jake Amano – Drums

Record LabelDeep Six Records

Contact The Rookies – andrewropersd@gmail.com

Social Media




Tasty Track and Video!

This is always the best part of the post, isn’t it?  As much as we hope you enjoy these samples, know that the best way to enjoy The Rookies is to actually go to one of their shows. There is literally no replacement to seeing a band right in front of you!

Following video was found at Deep Six Records on YouTube. Released May 06, 2018

Thank you!

So, that is The Rookies! I hope you enjoyed their talent as much as we have. I fully intend to see them again. Not only are The Rookies hardcore fun but they are really nice people as well. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please do not forget that San Diego’s music scene is alive because of bands like The Rookies and those of us who take the time to come out and support. Keep originality alive! Support your local music scene! Be safe and well always. \m/

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