Not For The Weak

Reek of Putrescine - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherSan Diego’s Reek of Putrescine metal creations are finely crafted enraged mayhem that’s never meant to be apologetic to placate. This shit is going to slay your concept of what metal is. Mainstream radio station, Rock 105.3  may have it’s “metal” artists and bands on their playlists but there is nothing this special or comes close on their repetitive playlists.  For this band,  my friend, falls into the Death Metal category. Reek of Putrescine’s creations are enthralling and raw but methodically crafted showcasing rage and disdain of today’s society. Nothing here is disgustingly mainstream and that is simply a super sweet treat to the ears! Seriously though, Reek of Putrescine is not for the weak.

Band Information and Social Media

Please be sure to connect with Reek of Putrescine via their social media. Yes, shows will return but until then, please support your local music scene!

Band Members: Trevor Van Hook-Guitar, vocals , Zachary Sanders-Bass, Guitar and leads and Marie McAuliffe-Vocals, drum programming

Social Media:    ♥    FACEBOOK    ♣     INSTAGRAM    ♣    BANDCAMP    ♣     YOUTUBE    ♥

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This portion of every post is the best part, I think so anyways. I cannot express how heavy Reek of Putrescine is slaps with a heavy spot finger and riff shredding, prominent speed drums and deep throated growls to screams that melt your face and your heart. This shit is so fucking good.


Reek of Putrescine - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

One of the newest releases from Reek of Putrescine

Download, “Devourer of Gods” from Reek of Putrescine on Bandcamp.


This is just a short video  sourced from Reek of Putrescine on Facebook.

Thank you!

I appreciate you for taking the time to drop in. I hope everything is going well for you and everyone you know. I’m missing shows and I know you are too! Lets consider this option, I’m thinking we need outdoor events in large fields with crazy pits! Pits???  Oh yeah, everyone still social distancing but the pits will feature people safely donned in Bubble Soccer Suits! It’s going to be a blast!

Be sure to connect with Reek of Putrescine for future releases, merchandise and just because they are awesome on many levels. Be safe and well always!

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