I think we’re going to begin this post with, quotes from the Facebook page for The Pictographs.

In the Biography section:

” We’re a Punk/Alternative Rock trio with musical roots from various bands from San Diego, Orange County and Santa Cruz. Our sound is eclectic, original and sometimes campy. We’re pretty confident that if Helen Keller were alive today, we’d be in her top 5 favorite bands.”

I’m not going to lie. I do find the last sentence amusing.

In the Personal Information section:

“We met on Craigslist and just knew we had the right chemistry for true rock’n roll romance!”

See? Good things do happen on Craigslist! One can make magic and this trio did! Okay, that was cheesy but whatever, no regrets there.


So, who and what are The Pictographs?

Image from the Facebook page for The Pictographs.

Bass and Lead vocals – Kat Robershaw

Drums and vocals – Jon Robershaw

Guitar and vocals – Matt Koumaras

What Do The Pictographs Sound Like?

We’re glad you asked! Please check out these 2 excellent examples of Pictographs’s talent. Personally, we love the timbre of Kat’s voice and we wish we had her abs! The Pictographs’s songs are rocking lyrics that resonate so well as we have all had disappointments in love and life.  As a whole, The Pictographs’s guitars, the drums and vocals are a treat to the ears. LOVE!! So please listen then please hook up with The Pictographs through their enclosed social media.

First bit of luscious ear candy, “Karma’s Kiss Goodnight” is from The Pictographs’s Soundcloud page. The second is a video, “Misery of My Company” is from The Pictographs’s YouTube channel. Please be sure to subscribe and follow all three! While you’re at it, again, this is The Pictographs’s Facebook page on which you will find more information about their upcoming shows and merch.




Published March 23, 2017

Thank you!

We appreciate you for dropping in on San Diego Blather. If you liked The Pictographs, please hook up with them via their enclosed social media. Also, be sure to get out and see a show! Supporting your local music scene and small businesses will keep dreams and originality alive. Enjoy! Be safe and well always!