From the Kindness Corner

The Kindness Corner is a new category on San Diego Blather. In this category you will find a page with a list of private community ran outreaches with a couple of registered non-profits that are truly volunteer and donation ran. All of those listed do not receive government funds so please consider donating clothing, food, funds and maybe your time. This tiny post is about The Community Front and is the first tiny post from this category.  What is The Community Front??

The Community Front is…

A volunteer community outreach and mutual aide for those in need. Community members helping community members. Contact The Community Front via  INSTAGRAM  ♥ FACEBOOK    ♥   LINKTREE

The Community Front - San Diego Blather



Thank you!

Hey there! Thank you for reading and please share this post. We need more outreaches such as The Community Front as they bring hope to us all. Real kindness isn’t dead and the results fill stomachs and keep bodies warm. I hope all is well with you and yours. If you know of any San Diego or California based outreach and distribution please let us know!

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