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SLAAAAM! Defixion slams harder than an avalanche of bricks from a sky scraper. This is serious Death Metal in the Swedish vein that will smash your senses with titillating massive growls, aggressive shredding and machine gun drums. For your consideration, I have included some tasty metal appetizers to whet your appetite!  You'll find those under Defixion's social media links which you definitely should utilize for current and future updates on Defixion's information, shows, releases and merchandise. Yes, sweet demon, there [...]

Jen Phipps

A Little Out Of The Ordinary... Jen Phipps has a rich and rather bluesy voice that has such a lovely depth and sincerity that rings out with each note she  hits so well. I really enjoyed her guitar mastery and would love to hear her do some metal! Maybe one day?  For now, Jen Phipps is a San Diego solo acoustic rock artist whose material reflects strength wrought from life's journeys. I think we can all understand that life is [...]

Last Option – West Coast Hardcore

Last Option is for the absolute punk rock purist who enjoys the harder edged and aggressive side of this genre. From Arizona, Last Option originally formed in 1986 and has endured a hiatus and changes throughout the years. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, " That which does not kill us, makes us stronger".  Last Option could have been but a memory, instead they are a wonderful addition to San Diego's music scene. A Bit More.. This seasoned band has, what  I [...]

Midnight Track

Midnight Track Looking for those perfectly exhilarating  punk / ska tunes that are so damn good, even in quarantine, you're going feel better? So much so that you'll feel brighter?  Maybe even in a party mood? Yeah, you can throw a front porch to front porch or backyard to backyard party with your neighbors or a online happy hour with the people whom you actually like.  Sounds good? Meet Midnight Track, a San Diego based punk / ska band! Band [...]


Eridia Eridia has artfully spun a fine metal into a diaphanous infusion of atmospheric music, alternative rock and more with progressive symphonic metal that is simply a lovely departure of the norm.  They were the first band of the night at San Diego's Wacken Metal Battle but I was late. Sorry to say that I walked in, just in time to see their last song. I really must get my shit together! However, just within those few minutes, I  heard [...]


  Beekeeper is a thrash metal force of nature not to be messed with.  As metal tsunami, Beekeeper not just slays but annihilates with  ease.  On a personal note, I ADORE female fronted metal bands! Who wouldn't?  In a male dominated genre, it's refreshing to hear a woman with "take no prisoners" vocals and guitar skills.  Did I mention she is a demon with a guitar too? Nevertheless, the entire band is insane. You have to check them out!   [...]


Necrochamber!!! Image info HERE When your metal has to be blacker than black, Necrochamber will destroy you. Seriously. This is lava level incendiary shit that's overflowing with intense shredding, neck breaking drums and those satanic vocals that's going to rip you up. Promise. Oh and guess who is going to be partaking in this insane line for the Wacken Metal Battle 2020? Necrochamber? Hell yes they are! You don't want to miss this event! The entire destructive line [...]

SouthTowne Sham

SouthTowne Sham! I've seen SouthTowne Sham perform at San Diego's Brick by Brick. I wasn't going to either. Honestly, I was extremely tired and I wasn't going to stick around for them but just when I was about to turn and leave,  SouthTowne Sham started their set. What can I say? The sound of a guitar pick scratching down the frets before a band launches, is the stuff that raises the goosebumps of anticipation. I wasn't disappointed either! SouthTowne Sham [...]