San Diego Thrash Metal


  Beekeeper is a thrash metal force of nature not to be messed with.  As metal tsunami, Beekeeper not just slays but annihilates with  ease.  On a personal note, I ADORE female fronted metal bands! Who wouldn't?  In a male dominated genre, it's refreshing to hear a woman with "take no prisoners" vocals and guitar skills.  Did I mention she is a demon with a guitar too? Nevertheless, the entire band is insane. You have to check them out!   [...]


San Diego's MONARCH!! Monarch's style is the sort of metal, that if it morphed into a living breathing beast, it will rip your fucking head off, hysterically laugh then shove your sweaty head right down your still moving neck but you're not going to mind. You'll not mind not one iota.  Curious? Did I mention that Monarch won the coveted 2019 USA Wacken Metal Battle? A bit more curious now, are we? Then read on for more information on Monarch [...]