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Punch Card – 90’s Punk Rock from San Diego

We Need Music!! How many of us truly believe that if we didn't have music, we would be dead or in prison? Most of us, right?  Music be far, is the best diversion therapy. It distracts us from what is bothering us while elevating us from whatever funk we've fallen into. We need music. I  blast music every chance I get and that is usually on my way to and from work with the volume up and my windows down. [...]

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Systematic Abuse

Systematic Abuse is that sensational band that appeals to our rebellious aggression with that ultimate, "fuck all of you" feel. Don't we all have those days, especially nowadays? I don't know about you but I think I've binged enough Hulu and shit. Right now, my getaway is to just drive down the freeway, windows down and music blaring. One of the best bands for essential sanity drives?  Is this San Diego hardcore punk band, Systematic Abuse. Don't be an idiot, [...]

Some Kind of Nightmare

  Some Kind of Nightmare is rough as hell with an abundance of energy and a fucking delicious rawness that's punk as fuck  perfection. I loved the scratchy vocals that are so specifically in place among this cohesive band. Some Kind of Nightmare is San Diego based but nomadic by nature but lets hope they are in San Diego to lift us up from our doldrums  as soon as this Covid shit is dealt with. Until then, please be sure [...]

Kitty Plague

Lets Have Fun MEOW!! Kitty Plague creates infectious bits of luscious Garage Punk audio confections! You're going to love their super fun nonsensical nerd and cat themed lyrics padding among lively beats, nice distortion and brightness galore. This is a band for parties or sweep away the doldrums. Of course, you're not here for my review but to create your own opinion so lets have fun and meet San Diego's Kitty Plague MEOW!! ( Cheesy? No regrets ) Band Information [...]

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Last Option – West Coast Hardcore

Last Option is for the absolute punk rock purist who enjoys the harder edged and aggressive side of this genre. From Arizona, Last Option originally formed in 1986 and has endured a hiatus and changes throughout the years. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, " That which does not kill us, makes us stronger".  Last Option could have been but a memory, instead they are a wonderful addition to San Diego's music scene. A Bit More.. This seasoned band has, what  I [...]


Cyka!   Who doesn't like to dance to  Pop Punk? I love dancing but some prefer to mosh in a pit. The beauty of this band is you can enjoy doing either!  This post is about, Cyka, a band designed, for and by, fun loving punks who want to have a good time however they want! This San Diego Pop Punk band was created in 2015 with original music that is anything but "bubble gum". Cyka's creations are sassy as [...]

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War Fever

WAR FEVER When you think of Punk Rock, don't you think that there should be a strong aggressive note of a rebellious attitude? You want a punk rock band that's putting out a shit ton of fun with insane bouncy beats? Yes! A righteous punk rock band should make you want to hit that pit and mosh away all that stress and frustration, right? You know,  from having to deal with the bullshit of the daily grind and people who [...]

SouthTowne Sham

SouthTowne Sham! I've seen SouthTowne Sham perform at San Diego's Brick by Brick. I wasn't going to either. Honestly, I was extremely tired and I wasn't going to stick around for them but just when I was about to turn and leave,  SouthTowne Sham started their set. What can I say? The sound of a guitar pick scratching down the frets before a band launches, is the stuff that raises the goosebumps of anticipation. I wasn't disappointed either! SouthTowne Sham [...]

G-Spot NOW Beta7??

G-Spot? Beta7?? Image credit - Anita Martinez of Ratgirl Photos So, if you have ever heard of a San Diego area Ska band called, G-Spot then wondered whatever happened to them, you have a nice surprise. After a 15 year hiatus, G-Spot is back! With a new name, Beta7  and  a couple of new members.  Don't worry though, Beta7 still has all the same songs you enjoyed from G-Spot. We took more than a minute to check out [...]

Pissed Regadless

Meet Pissed Regardless.... I've seen Pissed Regardless a couple of times, recently at San Diego's SOMA. They were part of this amazing line up that played the same night as The Rookies. Were they good?  Hell Yes! They were absolutely brutal as fuck! Are they metal? Are they punk? Well, Pissed Regardless, to me, is a hybrid of hardcore street punk and thrash metal band that will damage your neck whether you want to bang or not, you're simply compelled [...]