Hollow Stage

Meet Hollow Stage! Am I slow? Kind of. Why? Hollow Stage also shared the stage at San Diego's SOMA the very same night that The Rookies and Pissed Regardless played. They were on stage when I walked into for an evening of mind blowing entertainment. I would have loved to have caught their full set but what I did enjoy and has definitely whet my appetite to see Hollow Stage again. I hope you feel the same! So, on to [...]

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So This is The Rookies... I have to confess, when I first heard about The Rookies and that they were playing at an all ages venue, I thought they would lean more towards a lighter but not fully pop punk rock sound. They don't! After listening to their tracks and watching their videos, I was like, " Ahhhh! So, this is The Rookies!" Duh! It's not as if I have never seen a hardcore punk or metal show at SOMA [...]

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Palace of Mourning

Palace of Mourning is a.... Ruthlessly gut wrenching and potentially neck and spine damaging San Diego band. So, hang on to your bits because you're going to fucking love this group. I just recently found out about  Palace of Mourning and have yet to see them perform. I would have loved to see their recent show at the Che Collective to benefit Planned Parenthood but I was working. Ugh! I know. But as a struggling San Diego resident, I'm not [...]