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So This is The Rookies... I have to confess, when I first heard about The Rookies and that they were playing at an all ages venue, I thought they would lean more towards a lighter but not fully pop punk rock sound. They don't! After listening to their tracks and watching their videos, I was like, " Ahhhh! So, this is The Rookies!" Duh! It's not as if I have never seen a hardcore punk or metal show at SOMA [...]

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Corporate Citizen – A Brief Moment of Sanity

Corporate Citizen This is a post about a band that  I saw perform at Oceanside's Legacy Brewing Company, yes the same night I saw Gut Punch. ( ugh! )  I just totally forgot that I hadn't finished this post so here I am!  I would also like to mention that I did arrive late and missed every band that performed before Corporate Citizen and Gut Punch.  Tell Us More About Corporate Citizen!  Corporate Citizen blew me away with their massively [...]