Doom Metal


For The Stoner Metal Lover... Photo credit: The sorely missed Scott Clift   Psylow's creations are substantial with low distortion, psychedelic and  blues influences with nicely shredding riffs with nicely done vocals all this talent has blended in to something that is utterly intoxicating. Honestly, Psylow is a perfect audio confection for those of us who enjoy that Stoner Metal. At this time, there isn't much to post about Psylow but once this lockdown is lifted, I'm sure [...]


Methodrone!   Methodrone was one of three San  Diego bands that played the King Batt Entertainment event at Stage163. Like I said, this entire line up was spectacular which included, Fisted and Osmium.  Now, this band, Methodrone, is a force of musical talent. Their style is Doom Metal but with a delectable splash of some hot bluesy licks. The experience is one of psychedelic music meets classic bluesy rock and is lovingly embraced by nice fuzzy Doom Metal. Methodrone is [...]