Black Metal

Lvciferian Death Mechanism

Lvciferian Death Mechanism Are you ready for this sumptuously decadent swirl of occult inspired Black Metal?  Lvciferian Death Mechanism's ferocious  creations have a other worldly feel but intensely substantial with pugnacious drums from Nickadeamus,  ripped with beastly vocals from Jachin and tempered with the angelic vocals of Catatonia Chordva.     Are you wondering why you have not heard of this Lvceferian Death Mechanism  ( LDM )  or wonder why you have not raged with them? Well, this [...]


Sergulath Should I unleash the information about this band? Are you sure you're ready for this ungodly magnificent black / thrash metal quartet? Well pull your panties up because this band, Sergulath, is no joke - serious as death and ultra next level metal!  Sergulath was one of three bands, along with Defy The Tyrants and Mystic Ritual,  who moved forward in round 1 of San Diego Wacken Metal Battle 2020.  It was pure metal therapy and an absolute joy [...]

Mystic Ritual

The Bomb Diggity Bomb Mystic Ritual is the  band you'll blast when you want to empty beach on a fine summer day, just so you can have it all to yourself. The beach shall swiftly empty of those sand hogging tourists and families with those whiny kids, leaving just you and the remaining few who realize that Black Metal is perfect - everywhere and anytime. Sounds perfect? Why yes it does. Mystic Ritual is Black Metal band from San Diego [...]

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Necrochamber!!! Image info HERE When your metal has to be blacker than black, Necrochamber will destroy you. Seriously. This is lava level incendiary shit that's overflowing with intense shredding, neck breaking drums and those satanic vocals that's going to rip you up. Promise. Oh and guess who is going to be partaking in this insane line for the Wacken Metal Battle 2020? Necrochamber? Hell yes they are! You don't want to miss this event! The entire destructive line [...]