SouthTowne Sham!

SouthTowne Sham - Meta, Punk Rock and Cannabis - San Diego BlatherlI’ve seen SouthTowne Sham perform at San Diego’s Brick by Brick. I wasn’t going to either. Honestly, I was extremely tired and I wasn’t going to stick around for them but just when I was about to turn and leave,  SouthTowne Sham started their set. What can I say? The sound of a guitar pick scratching down the frets before a band launches, is the stuff that raises the goosebumps of anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed either! SouthTowne Sham slammed with their brand of devastating hard rocking rambunctiousness that is punk rock / sham rock and I was hooked for the set.  The vocals? Yeah, I’m a sucker for gravely voices. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I have not seen SouthTowne Sham since that first time but they do have some shows coming up! I’m pretty stoked since one of them might work well for me. Anyways, check them out for yourself! Hope you like SouthTowne Sham.

Band Information and Social Media

Members? Sorry, names are not listed on their Facebook page.

Upcoming shows?  Yes! Click on the dates for info – 02/04/20 , 02/16/20 and 02/28/20

Social Media: FACEBOOK  ♥  INSTAGRAM  ♥   YOUTUBE  – I’m assuming this is SouthTowne Sham’s YouTube channel because all but one of the videos is a SouthTowne Sham video.  


All videos were found on , 1BMF4SHO on YouTube.  This is “Off The Rails” released on September 27, 2019

Loved this video! The lyrics just struck home. ♥ This is, “Outcast” released on December 01. 2019


Thank you!

If you  made it to this ending statement, you’re so appreciated! Actually, in all honesty, we’re constantly surprised when anyone drops in. At all.  Lol  Especially since there are tons of sites to choose from and we took a wee break. You know what happens when you work 55 hrs per week and take an *intersession class? Not a fucking thing. Just work, tons of homework and tiny golden moments of family time. That’s it.

We hope you enjoyed meeting SouthTowne Sham. Please come out to one of their shows! We’re thinking the one on the 16th is workable for us. Don’t forget to hook up with SouthTowne Sham on their FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM and  YOUTUBE. Oh and us too please! Yes, please connect with San Diego Blather on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you so much! Be safe and well always.

*All images and videos were found on SouthTowne Sham Facebook and 1BMF4SHO and are not property of San Diego Blather*

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