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Some Kind of Nightmare is rough as hell with an abundance of energy and a fucking delicious rawness that’s punk as fuck  perfection. I loved the scratchy vocals that are so specifically in place among this cohesive band. Some Kind of Nightmare is San Diego based but nomadic by nature but lets hope they are in San Diego to lift us up from our doldrums  as soon as this Covid shit is dealt with. Until then, please be sure to connect with Some Kind of Nightmare on their social media links below whilst you enjoy the enclosed music!

Band Information

Bio found on Some Kind of Nightmare Facebook page. 

The American punk rock band, Some Kind of Nightmare, has brought amazing energy, raw sound, and a strong stage presence with them everywhere they perform. In 2013 they quit their jobs, threw out everything they owned, hit the road and never looked back. The three piece group continues to take on the nation with the their message of overcoming struggle and modern social issues while gaining support and momentum along the way.

Members:  Molly Mess – Vocals and Bass,   Chy Mess – Vocals and Guitar and Justin Ruppert – Drums

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Best part, right? Yeah it is so turn it UP!

Some Kind of Nightmare, “The Don’t Care” Transplant Pulse released, 03/18/20



“Back to San Diego” released,  October 20, 2016

“Generation’s Dead” released, April 19, 2018

How’s IT Going??

I hope that you enjoyed San Diego based Some Kind of Nightmare! If you’ve been lucky to see them live, please share your experience in the comments. I don’t doubt that you had a blast! Well, it’s been minute since I’ve posted a thing. It’s been all about work, school, family and stress but I’m still alive so fuck the haters! Anyways,  if you’re one of five people ( seriously don’t want to believe there are more )  who actually check out this blog, I do appreciate you very much and I hope that you’re doing well. Actually, I hope that you and everyone you know are all doing well! Music helps though, right? Also, reaching out to others so please do not forget to connect with Some Kind Of Nightmare through their enclose social media links and don’t forget to connect with me. You can connect with San Diego Blather on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. I look forward to hearing from you! Be safe and well always. \m/

*All images, tracks and videos belong to Some Kind of Nightmare*