Sergulath - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherShould I unleash the information about this band?

Are you sure you’re ready for this ungodly magnificent black / thrash metal quartet? Well pull your panties up because this band, Sergulath, is no joke – serious as death and ultra next level metal!  Sergulath was one of three bands, along with Defy The Tyrants and Mystic Ritual,  who moved forward in round 1 of San Diego Wacken Metal Battle 2020.  It was pure metal therapy and an absolute joy to watch Sergulath at Brick by Brick when they participated in round 1 and I hope when this shit blows over and Sergulath is unleashed, you’ll get off your fat quarantined ass ( I’m fatter now and it’s only been a week ) and bust a nut at one of their shows. Why? Well, lets go see!

Band Information and Social Media

Out of curiosity I searched for the possible origin for the name, “Sergulath” and this is what I found on Grimoire  Encyclopedia .  I’m not saying this is where the band, Sergulath, found inspiration for their name. Must not assume, ever.  However, this definition of the demon, Sergulath,  seems appropriate.

“Sergulath gives every means of speculation. In addition, he instructs as to the methods of breaking the ranks and strategy of opponents.”

Band Members: Daniel Correa – Guitar / Vocals   ♠     Mook – Drums    ♠       David Correa – Keyboard    ♠      Henry Nochea – Bass ( also bass for Fisted )    ♥

Stay up to date with all that is Sergulath through their social media accounts. Quite literally, you must as social media is the best method. Give Sergulath some likes, follow and support!

Social Media:  ♥    FACEBOOK    ♥       INSTAGRAM    ♥      BANDCAMP    ♥      SOUNDCLOUD    ♥    YOUTUBE    ♥

The BEST Part!

The following tracks were sourced from Sergulath’s Bandcamp page where you can purchase and download.




The following video is from Round 1 of San Diego Wacken Metal battle. I’m sharing this video found on  Sergulath on Facebook. I don’t know who who took the video but they are very appreciated for doing so. The following video, “Spectral Rapist”  was sourced from Sergulath on YouTube and was released on, Jan. 01, 2019.


Ready to Bust A Nut?

So,were you ready?  What did you think of Sergulath? Pretty intense, right? You ought to see them live just absolutely blasting everyone senseless! Be sure to hook up with Sergulath via their enclosed social media links. You won’t regret it!

Thank you!

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