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It’s a Friday afternoon, the whole week has been hectic but now, it’s Friday! Time to start the weekend off and blow the cobwebs out of my mind. The mundane usual 3 songs per artist on mainstream radio? No, something special is needed to start my weekend off! Hence……

Santa Claus!

Santa Claus was first created in the 80’s then disbanded for awhile. Obviously, quite a lot has changed over the years but if we can judge Santa Claus by their music, it’s safe to assume that Santa Claus has maintained their thrash metal / hardcore punk mentality. Long live Santa Claus!


There is a quite a list of members and information to be found on the Facebook page for Santa Claus. For less confusion, I’ve lazily copied and pasted.

Band MembersPaul – drums/lead vocals (1985 – ’96, 2014 – current)
*DRUMS/LEAD VOCALS on “Here Comes Santa Claus” & “Rocks In Your Stocking” demos, DRUMS on “The Frank Sessions” demo*

Dave – guitar/vocals (2017 – current) // bass/vocals (2014 – ’16) // guitar (1985 – ’87)
*GUITAR on “Here Comes Santa Claus” demo*

Adrean – bass (2017 – current)


Mike – guitar/vocals (1987 – ’90, 1992 – ’93, 2014 – ’16)
*GUITAR/VOCALS on “Rocks In Your Stocking” demo*

Don – guitar/vocals (1994 – ’96)

Tony – guitar (1994 – ’96)

Ben – bass/lead vocals (1991 – ’95)
*BASS/LEAD VOCALS on “The Frank Sessions” demo*

Don B. – guitar (1993)

Luke – guitar (1991 – ’92)
*GUITAR on “The Frank Sessions” demo*

Rob – bass/vocals (1986 – ’90)
*BASS/VOCALS on “Here Comes Santa Claus” & “Rocks In Your Stocking” demos*

Jeff – bass (1985 – ’86)

Paul P. – guitar (1985 – ’86)

Jason – guitar (1985

Thorough wasn’t it? Because it’s wonderfully well thought out.


Hook UP with Santa Claus!

I’ve seen Santa Claus before and was completely blown away. I didn’t expect these guys to solidly shred as hard as they did! Holy fuck! I’m hoping that after you check out the following video and track sample, you too will believe that Santa Claus is the real deal!

FACEBOOK – Best option for all Santa Claus updates, events and track releases.


YOUTUBE – Videos, of course.


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Thank you!

We appreciate you so much for taking time to visit us onSan Diego Blather. We hoped that you did enjoy your introduction to Santa Claus. Fortunately, for us, Santa Claus is in town! Yes, they are still fully capable of annihilating our ears and necks with their hybrid thrash metal / hardcore punk. Don’t forget to hook up with Santa Claus on their enclosed social media links!

Again, Thank YOU for visiting us today! Be safe and well always. \m/