A Trifle Offensive??

Everyone has a reaction to the name of this band, Christ Killer. For the most part, the reactions are either, offended or intrigued. If Christ Killer was looking for an attention getting name, they found it. However, I believe there is an even better explanation as to why any metal band would name themselves, “Christ Killer”.

You see, Christ Killer is, as stated from their Facebook page, “San Diego’s premier Hebrew thrash metal band.”

In Case You Are Unaware…

Christ Killer is a old and extremely offensive name given to Jews. It has been used to fuel the fires of cruel bigotry. Unfortunately, there are those who are still ignorant and hateful enough that they continue to describe Jews as Christ Killers. Honestly, I love that Christ Killer has donned this name. I believe this is a righteously defiant slap in the face of bigotry. It’s completely bad ass.

Photo from Christ Killer Facebook page. Photo credits – Chad Kelco Photography.

The Band, Christ Killer

Since 2012, Christ Killer has been blowing minds with their edgy cross over hard core punk / thrash metal and sardonic lyrics. I’ve seen them a couple of times and I purchased one of the Cds, “Nailed It”. I often play this Cd while driving.


Kyle Towne – Drums

Jesse Bridges – Guitar

Kyle Bob – Bass

Charlie Coulon – Vocals

Videos and Social Media

Below you will find two videos from both Christ Killer Cds and their social media links. Please be sure to connect with Christ Killer for future shows and Cd releases.

FACEBOOK – For updates and misc.

BANDCAMP – Cd purchases

INSTAGRAM – For updates, images and more

YOUTUBE – Videos! Of course.


Published July 9 2018. Found on Christ Killer YouTube channel.

Published July 9 2018. Found on Christ Killer on YouTube.

Thank you!

So, this was just a bit about Christ Killer. After listening to their videos, I hope you realize that you really do need to see Christ Killer live. Seriously, your neck will hurt the next day but you won’t mind. Not at all. Don’t forget to hook up with Christ Killer through their enclosed social media links. Support local music!