Distribution List

This distribution list consists of organizations, community fridges and events. Due to Covid, if I were you , I would message the organizers to confirm distribution methods before venturing out.  For example,  a fixed location distribution might opt to become a mobile distribution to prevent Covid exposure.  Please check back, I will update as often as I can.

If you’re able to donate to any of the following organizations and events, please do so. If you’re in need? Please reach out! This is a short list that needs additions. Please message, San Diego Blather on Instagram ( fastest method to contact me )  if you know of a mutual aide that should be on this short list.

Covid has impacted  too many of us and  our government, especially the GOP federal government, have thrown the proletariat ( you and I )  under the bus.  Some of you never thought you would be food challenged or on the verge of loosing your homes or your roommate status. Here we are and it’s plain to see, we are all we have!  If you’re in need or you know somebody who is, I hope this list helps.

MAJOR UPDATE!! Great Mutual Aide  list found on Instagram! Please follow the extremely awesome @polititexts for more information and in appreciation!

Standup For Kids – Standup originated in San Diego now nationwide. This non-profit organization helps homeless and at risk teens and young adults with food, showers, laundry facility, clothing and counseling. Many of the kids and young adults come from abusive situations and are living and fending for themselves on the streets.  Covid has deeply impacted the services so please consider this awesome organization. Standup For Kids accepts clothing, food and monetary donations and is a registered non-profit so your donations are tax deductible.


The Community Front – Food, clothing and hygiene products distribution to those in need in solidarity and without judgement. The Community Front  will set up meal distribution every Friday in Pacific Beach at sunset on the boardwalk by Hornblend Street. Also, in Pacific Beach, they are mobilizing to hand out snack packs whenever they accrue enough supplies. Your contributions to their endeavors are greatly appreciated and used wisely.


Food Not Bombs San Diego – This mutual aide is not just San Diego based but can be found in other states and cities. Even in Tijuana! Food Not Bombs offers free meals and may even have hygiene products to those in need. All is given freely and without judgement. There are now 2 locations to connect with Food Not Bombs so connect with them for more information. For more information about Food Not Bombs itself click HERE.


Lasagna Love –  One began as one Mom and her toddler is now a national movement of Moms making homemade lasagna for families and individuals in need. If you need a lasagna or know of somebody who does, click on the link.


Free Soup San Diego –  Community led mutual aide organization. Menu does vary but food is fresh and nutritious. Sometimes they have clothing and personal hygiene products available as well. Events are 2 – 4 pm, Wednesdays at God’s Extended Hand on the corner of 16th Street and Island Avenue. You can’t miss the wonderfully decorated walls, large cross and there is usually people out front.


God’s Extended Hand – If you don’t mind the religious aspect of this service, you may benefit from what they have to offer. I have not heard of God’s Extended Hand turning anyone away due to sexual orientation or religion. People do line up for their services so please be patient. Due to Covid concerns, only 50 people are allowed in the cafeteria at a time. Click the link for schedule of food and clothing distributions.


Feeding Daygo – “For the people by the people with the people”  is their motto and it’s perfect!  This is mutual aide for our houseless neighbors. Check their site for updates or their Instagram for  distribution and donation days.


Rollin Roots – This is a food truck featuring Vegan food with a “pay what you can” priced menu. Also open to donations to offset costs of free meals to those in need. You can find Rollin Roots food truck at 8040 Armour Street San Diego, CA 92111. Open daily 12-7


More Than Apples – Located in Escondido, this is not a free food distribution and is a nonprofit organization. All boxes are affordable and there is no income verification. Trust me, the boxes are abundant ( can split ), affordable and prevents food waste. The mini boxes are $20 and the regular boxes are $35.  One never knows what is in each box but rest assured you will have something to eat for a few days at a low cost. Be aware that some of this food might be close to or slightly past the sell by dates but are still edible. On 2 occasions I purchased 2 “minis” which contained a few pounds of fresh vegetables, fruit, canned products, shelf safe milk, vegan yogurts, chicken meals, snacks and breads. One time I was given 4  half gallon containers of Silk Coconut Almond Milk. All boxes are prefilled, you pull up, load up then leave.  Join and order through More Than Apples FB Group page.


Porchlight Community – This is another non-profit organization that, like More Than Apples, offers food share boxes.  Porch Light Community also has emergency food baskets to those in need. Like More Than Apples, you never what is available and the food is near or at expiration date. However, all the food is safe to eat.  I purchased a box for $36 and it was well worth it! Porchlight Community operates a market style store front in Clairemont where you are allowed to pick out a select amount of items from each “station”.  What did I choose when I went to Porchlight?  I left with yogurts, breads, chicken, meals, healthy Quinoa based salads, produce and snacks that has lasted my family ( single adult and 2 kids )  more than one week.  They even have a small selection of gluten and vegan options!


Mutual Aide Organizations Found on Instagram

San Diego Free Resources – Posts contain information about free resources for San Diego residents.

Free Soup San Diego – This is the IG link for Free Soup San Diego. The website is listed above. Events are every Wednesday, 2 – 4 pm,  at God’s Extended Hand ( walls are decorated, large cross and on a the corner of 16th St and Island Ave.  )

Feeding Daygo – Mutual aide for our houseless neighbors. Website is listed above. Keep checking their IG for event updates


Community Fridges on Instagram

Message for locations! All community fridges contain food for free – take what you need, leave food if you can. Please be respectful of the property. Label and date your donations. Check each one for their Linktree for important information and guidelines. If you would like to host a community fridge, please reach out to any of these IG accounts for more information.

Otay Mesa Community Fridge – Otay Mesa Community Fridge also has a garden. Reach out to them for more information.

City Heights Community Fridge 

Vista Community Fridge – Still in the works.




Thank you for reading!

Please feel free to message us if you know of a mutual aide that should be on this list. Thank you! Be safe and well always!