Gut Punch

Like the name of the band, Gut Punch is powerful with lasting effects. Their style is a terrific blend of hardcore punk and metal. Gut Punch is comprised of talented seasoned musicians that have been on the music scene for quite a long time. You’ll hear that quality from masters of their art in the vocals, the shredding guitars, the perfect drums and a lovely heavy bass. Recently, I had the luck of catching Gut Punch live at Legacy Brewing in Oceanside. Their performance was well executed and brimmed with raw emotions that is well delivered. A top notch performance!

( As you can see, unfortunately, I suck at taking pictures )

Gut Punch Members:

Kurt Love – Drums

Nate Jarrell – Guitar

Mitch Johnson – Bass

Judd Morgan – Vocals

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So, to give you an idea of what Gut Punch sounds like, I’ve included their recent video and a couple of tracks. The following promo video was released just 2 months ago. After the video you’ll notice a track from Gut Punch on Reverbnation. This is hellaciously good shit so TURN IT UP!

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I hope that you felt inclined to connect with Gut Punch. This band is just another prime example of the top level talent that the San Diego music scene has! So, please be sure to support Gut Punch and your local music scene! Thank you!