cannabis - Metal, Punk Rock and Cannabis - San Diego BlatherWelcome to the Cannabis list! This is a list that we will add on as we make new discoveries. Please check back!

Since California’s legalization of recreational Cannabis, San Diego, like many cities and towns, has had an increase of wonderful Cannabis dispensaries and other related businesses. Clearly, this industry will continue to change, thrive and thrill us with all the benefits of Cannabis and Hemp. It’s been great!

San Diego’s local cannabis industry is constantly changing and evolving so much so that we’re not not going to list all the dispensaries and collectives. For those of you who are strictly looking for dispensaries and collectives, you can find all of those following .. and

For those who are seeking more than just a smoking experience- we have created is a list businesses that are cannabis and hemp based. We sourced this information from asking people and following the advice to search the San Diego based businesses present at the Cannabis Row in San Diego Earth Fair 2019. Again, to our knowledge, they are legal. Also, let it be known, we fully support legalizing cannabis for all!

San Diego Cannabis Events

San Diego Cannabis Fair – Check out this site for interesting events and news!


Beauty and Wellness

This list is all about body care, those products and services that help us feel well. Beauty shines from within!

Sensi Beauty and Wellness 619-735-2002

Lashes, CBD products and make up

Exhale Inner Peace Lifestyle 619- 240-3867

2015 Birch Road #511 Chula Vista, CA 91915

Crystals, natural healing, hemp products and etc.

CannaPride Tara or Kyla at 619-634-9089
Organic CBD gummies, topicals and tincture

Melior Botanicals 619-736-1934

Herbal infused and pure CBD tinctures and balms.

Ganja Yoga – 858-598-4885

Centered and lifted? Yes, please!

MedicatedMinds 420 – 619-468-4429

Hair products, yoga sessions, events, CBD products and edibles!

Catering Services

The following are cannabis friendly catering services featuring the talents of creative chefs specializing in both infused and non-infused culinary delights for your next event.

Banshee Love Kitchen 760-653-8963 Chef Tamra

Website Facebook Instagram

Santosha Nutrition 480-415-5883 Chef Liz

Website Facebook Instagram


Canna Edibles

From the savory to sweet!

Chronic Kookies – Cookie monsters this is for you! To contact, place orders and simply just more information, please go to Chronic Kookies’s site.

MedicatedMinds 420 – 619-468-4429
Hair products, yoga sessions, events, CBD products and yummy edibles!


Cannabis Tours

Cannabis and chilling go hand and hand. Why not let somebody else do the driving for you? These tour companies offer the chance to tour different dispensaries, cannabis based businesses and even have themed tours.

Kush Coach 619-841-2011

Website Facebook Instagram

MJ Tours 1-833-MJ-TOURS

Website Facebook Instagram

SoCal Canna Tours 1-844-998-6877

Website Facebook Instagram

Westcoast Cannabis Tours 1-800-295-WCT

Website Facebook Instagram

Cannabis Friendly Gear, Accessories and Clothing

Abscent – San Diego based manufacturer of well made scent concealing travel gear. Buy directly or look up a retailer near you! 1-855-500-7495

HempZoo – Based in Vista, CA in San Diego’s North County, HempZoo is a family owned company specializing in Hemp derived products such as clothing, skateboards, plastics, webbing and etc. 619-946-2420


Grow Your Own!

Growing your own can be challenging, fun and highly rewarding!

Green Carpet Growing – 619-828-3338

Green Carpet offers a variety of classes on growing your own cannabis. They also have private instruction sessions and supplies.


San Diego Hydroponics and Organics – 619- 276-0657

San Diego Hydroponics has just about everything any grower will need.



Thank you!

We appreciate you for taking the time to check out our list. As stated, this list will grow with added businesses and categories. So, please check back!