Ska, Punk With A Splash of Americana

The Roman Watchdogs have been bringing their brand of punk to the San Diego music scene since 2012. Over the years, I’ve been to a few of their shows and I have never been disappointed. I highly doubt I ever will.

The Roman Watchdogs bring an immense amount of energy and crowd appeal with their brand of punk. Per the Facebook page for the Roman Watchdogs,

” The Watchdogs bring a style of music which has been described as “Sublime meets The Descendants” or “horror ska”. Combining sounds of rock, punk, ska and even a bit of Americana, they give your ears catchy yet sultry songs, with hooks that take you to the darker side of pop. “

Music is an art and art is defined not just by the creators of that art but by anyone with an opinion. Therefore, we may not all agree nor do we have to. So, with that fact in mind, for your discerning ear and listening pleasure, I’ve enclosed videos and tracks. Please take time to listen and enjoy and…. here we go!!


The Roman Watchdogs

So, who are the Roman Watchdogs? Just 3 fun loving guys!

Band Members:

Derek Two Times – Guitar / Vocals

Richard Mestaz – Drums

Elias Saladena – Bass


The following Roman Watchdog videos are from January 2018. Yes,the videos are great but there really isn’t a substitute for seeing the Roman Watchdogs or any band, live and in your face. So, be sure to hook up with the Roman Watchdogs through their social media for updates on shows and music releases. Support local music and go see a show!

Until then….

Released 12/18. Found on BloodShot Movies on YouTube ( please subscribe! )


Released Jan. 2018. Found on Roman Watchdogs on YouTube

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We appreciate you so much for taking the time to drop in on San Diego Blather. We hope that you don’t forget us and will come back soon. Please share this post and comment. The Roman Watchdogs is another example of the plethora of talent the San Diego music scene has. We hope that you will attend one of their shows. Thank you so much for dropping in! Please support local music! Be safe and well always

*Pics are from the FACEBOOK page for the Roman Watchdogs. Videos are from the Roman Watchdogs on Youtube and Bloodshot Movies on Youtube *