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We Need Music!!

How many of us truly believe that if we didn’t have music, we would be dead or in prison? Most of us, right?  Music be far, is the best diversion therapy. It distracts us from what is bothering us while elevating us from whatever funk we’ve fallen into. We need music.

I  blast music every chance I get and that is usually on my way to and from work with the volume up and my windows down. Yes, even if it’s wicked cold out!  The choice of genre changes but this particular cold and dark  morning’s selection was San Diego’s own punk rock Punch Card. Once you give these 90’s punk rock kings a listen, you’ll understand why and I hope you’ll connect with Punch Card.  I suggest in the mornings but anytime is perfect! Trust, you’ll have a bounce in your step with a big ass smile plastered on your face and the golden ability to say, “fuck you” to the idiots. Yes, a “fuck you” delivered  with beautifully bright smile is kind of cool and scary all at one.  Nice, right? If ever we need music, now is the time.

Band Information

If you recall, even though wordy content is what Google’s ever searching and sometimes overly reaching tentacles latch on to,  I don’t blah blah blah like the recipe bloggers do. I have ADHD so I don’t have the attention span for that! I get right to what you’re looking for, the band information and music.

Social Media:

Please connect with Punch Card and every single band you know of through their social media platforms. Doing so brings you up to date news on releases, merchandise and lets them know we have not forgotten them. Connect with Punch Card through the following links, please.

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Finally, right?  Here are my favorites which I hope you like as well.  I’m pretty hopeful that the vaccine won’t turn us into zombies and we might have our live shows back soon! Enjoy the following tasty samples while you connect with Punch Card for their future updates, Twitch shows, downloads and etc.

Sharing from BloodShot Movies on YouTube ( please subscribe ). This is Punch Card at The Til Two Club in March 2018. The song is, “Giddy  Up” and it’s hella fun!

 I ADORE this video sooooooo much! This is a fan made video for Punch Card featuring their “Dump The Trump” song. It was released in April 2018 and you have to turn this UP! This shit slaps!

Thank you!

Well, today is the beginning of a new era. Trump is no longer in office. We look forward to to 4 years with Biden and Harris. Okay,  Biden is hella old so we might have Harris after 2 years! Lol So bad of me. Seriously though! Biden and Harris  are entering into the surreal arena of unprecedented times and tragedy. How are you feeling? I’m feeling both excited and full of trepidation as well. Only time will tell! Meanwhile, lets not forget the one thing that’s going to get us through this! Our therapeutic music and that created by our own San Diego’s musicians! Right?  Don’t forget to connect with Punch Card via their social media links. You need them!

*All images, videos and the track belong to Punch Card*