For The Stoner Metal Lover…

Psylow - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

Photo credit: The sorely missed Scott Clift


Psylow’s creations are substantial with low distortion, psychedelic and  blues influences with nicely shredding riffs with nicely done vocals all this talent has blended in to something that is utterly intoxicating. Honestly, Psylow is a perfect audio confection for those of us who enjoy that Stoner Metal. At this time, there isn’t much to post about Psylow but once this lockdown is lifted, I’m sure we’re going to see plenty of future Psylow shows. Just be sure to connect with them on the following social media links for more information. Now, without further ado, lets get started on our little share and tell session.

Band Information and Social Media

I loved what I found in Psylow’s Facebook “About” section: ” A conduit between the divine and the tribe…. Stoner Doom. ”  

Members: Kip Page – Bass, Shawn Upchurch – Guitar, Greg Noriega – Guitar, Jason Busiek – Vox, Bill Driskill – Drums and Jameson

Social Media:  ♠   FACEBOOK      ♠      BANDCAMP     ♠      INSTAGRAM        ♠      YOUTUBE 


Psylow hasn’t done much in the way of videos so I have just one promo video. This solo video is still pretty exciting and I can’t wait to see more. Actually, I just can’t wait to see Psylow LIVE!

Released 02/20

Thinking of Blazing?

Maybe the better question is – when are we  not thinking of blazing these days? This metal sub-genre seems to have the whole cannabis and metal theme, doesn’t it? Even if getting stoned isn’t your thing, I hope that you still enjoyed Psylow. Obviously, I did! Thank you so much for dropping by. Please do not forget to connect with Psylow through their enclosed social media links. Please, while you’re at it – connect with San Diego Blather on Facebook and Instagram too! Be safe and well always!

*Images, tracks and video all belong to Psylow*