Pony Death Ride

The holiday season is bearing down upon us like a tsunami of pressing obligations and sky high expectations. Both of which are followed by debt and an extra 20 lbs. Well, if you’re lucky that is.

For some us, a good laugh is what gets us through the rising tide of holiday madness before  we may snap and tell everyone to fuck off as  we’re now Jehovah Witnesses. So, it’s with great pleasure to announce that as the holidays approach,  Pony Death Ride is ready to rescue us as they spread their special brand of  irreverent comedy. The best way to keep up with Pony Death Ride is through their social medias. So, here they are…

 Pony Death Ride’s Social Media Links






Pony Death Ride is wonderfully unique, one cannot pigeon hole them  into a specific category or genre.  However, I’m simple  minded but literate enough to notice the word, “Punk” is included in their “About” section in their Facebook page. So,  I’m going to put this post under the Punk Rock category. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that this married comedy duo that is Pony Death Ride,  is massively funny with songs that are witty, acidic and clever as hell. Example? Here is a Pony Death Ride holiday video from 2018.


Your 2019 Holiday Season Relief

I could say more about Pony Death Ride but honestly, the best way to introduce you to Pony Death Ride is through  the following introductory video of Joe and Jaye as they promote their newly released holiday album/CD.


San Diego Holiday Show!

Not only is Pony Death Ride releasing a new album but they do have a holiday show coming up! I’ve copied and pasted the information just for you.

El Vez Christmas Show at The Casbah!

A Christmas tradition! We’ll be in The Atari Lounge as usual with our meat and cheese tree! Join El Vez and Alvino And The dwells on the main stage.

Tickets and venue information HERE

Thank you!

It’s awesome that you stopped by San Diego Blather! We hope that you enjoyed this post about Pony Death Ride and found them to be as unique and funny as we do.  Pony Death Ride is available for private parties and they do tour out of the San Diego area so do not forget to hit them up on their social media links. Again, THANK YOU!

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