Meet Pissed Regardless….

pissed regardless - metal, punk rock and cannabis - San Diego BlatherI’ve seen Pissed Regardless a couple of times, recently at San Diego’s SOMA. They were part of this amazing line up that played the same night as The Rookies. Were they good?  Hell Yes! They were absolutely brutal as fuck! Are they metal? Are they punk? Well, Pissed Regardless, to me, is a hybrid of hardcore street punk and thrash metal band that will damage your neck whether you want to bang or not, you’re simply compelled to do so. So, be forewarned! Of course, you’re not really going to complain. Will you? Okay, so as you know, unlike those cooking blogs or sites,  I don’t dilly dally around with a bunch of blah blah until I finally get to the good stuff. So, lets get to it!

Band Information

Members: Matt – Vocals, Sean – Guitar, Chris – Guitar, Taylor – Bass and Tim – Drums

Record Label:  Creator – Destructor Records

Social Media

Of course, you know, that a band’s social media is the best way to stay updated for future shows, releases and merchandise. So, here you go!




Tracks and Video!! \m/

The following tracks are my favorites. The first track is from, Feed The Birds, released in February  2018. The second is from their more recent, Imperial Cult, released in October 2019. Don’t forget the following videos. Enjoy!

The following video was found Creator – Destructor Records on YouTube, released, November 13, 2019. Please subscribe!

The following video was found on, YouTube channel, 12adampulido. Be sure to subscribe! The video shot at San Diego’s  Brick by Brick, released date is, December 19, 2016. Honestly, I’m not sure if members have changed since this video was shot. Rest assured, Pissed Regardless is definitely worth seeing live with all their glorious face melting abilities.

Thank you!!

We hope you have enjoyed your opportunity to meet Pissed Regardless. I’ve seen Pissed Regardless a couple of times and posted about them on a previous blog. Pissed Regardless is a band that will raze your senses, hurt your neck but you’re going to love them!  We appreciate you for taking the time to check out San Diego Blather. Please check back with us. If  you know of a local metal or punk band you would like to share, please give us a shout! You can reach and follow us, on Instagram, Facebook and the contact page on this site. However, IG and FB is where we will get your message first. Thank you for reading. Be safe and well always! Never stop supporting San Diego’s local music scene! \m/