Pire is Audacious

Pire -Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherThis highly addictive San Diego based Post Metal band slaps hard with their dramatic presentation of metal distortion resplendent with rage to atmospherically moody. Pire is dead ass solid with aggressive shredding and brutal and at times complicated drums that’s absolutely compelling.

According their Facebook, Pire was formed in 2019 but on August 15, 2020 they released an EP titled, Parasympathetic. I’m sharing a couple of tracks but please purchase the EP. One day, yes, one day we will rage at our favorite venues or perhaps at a large outdoor gathering and with our much beloved local bands, like Pire. Please send them some love through their enclosed social media links. Oh and don’t forget to purchase Pire’s new EP on Bandcamp.

Pire Information and Social Media

Members: Guitarist –  Dillon Giedt, bassist –  Sean Jones, drummer Aaron Weislogel, and guitarist Aaron Queen.

Social Media:     FACEBOOK   ♣    INSTAGRAM    ♣     BANDCAMP    ♣    YOUTUBE



Enjoy and share with your neighbors!


Thank you!

I appreciate you for dropping by. I don’t post on here often but hope to change that.  No matter what happens in our lives we can’t forget San Diego has an incredible music scene with artists that deserve our continued love and support. I’m not sure but I get the feeling that Pire didn’t get much of a chance to perform before the shutdown so please send them some love and support their talents! Please connect with Pire via the above social media links. Please feel free to drop me a message through Instagram or Facebook. Stay safe and well always!