A Force..

Paleos - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherPaleos is a metalcore force,  a fucking force bent on desecrating your senses with majestic vocals bellowing up embraced by tasty shredding that’s going to tear you up one side and down the other. The drums? You’re going to get crushed. You may not be able to handle what this Atalanta, Georgia band is delivering but we better hope they can come to San Diego soon.  Oh man, I can only imagine these guys in the same line up with some of our metal monsters. Can you?  Shiiiit, don’t plan to do anything for few days. You’re going to be in so much pain! Its going to be so worth it though.

Anyways, you’re not here for my blathering on but to find out about a band you may or may not have heard about. Right? Lets get going, shall we? I hope you love them and please do not forget to connect with them through the following social media links. This is Paleos – formerly known as Sanctum of The Weary.

Band Information & Social Media

Members:  Jamal aka “Scar” – Vox ,  Malik – Vox,  Silas – Guitar, Vox,  Steven – Guitar  and  LaNise aka “Che” – Drums

Social Media:  ♥     FACEBOOK      ♥    INSTAGRAM     ♥    YOUTUBE      ♥    SOUNDCLOUD    ♥     MERCHANDISE

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Today, I’m sharing music from Paleos sourced from Soundcloud and a video of Paleos interviewed by Punk Black.  Please enjoy then connect with Paleos through the above social media links!

Sharing from Paleos on Soundcloud.


Punk Black  shared their interview with Paleos  and since nobody can tell their story better than the band themselves. Here it is!  Yes, the interview does include the entire footage of “Thanatophobia” by Paleos. Click HERE if you really just want to see the video!

You’re here!

Well, if you’re reading this, you are one of couple who actually stuck around! Thank you so much! I hope that you enjoyed meeting Paleos as much as I did! Paleos is a force to reckon with on the metal scene as talented and as resetting the norms. and I hope we get the pleasure of raging with Paleos at one of our San Diego venues soon! I can think of a few San Diego bands I would love to see on that same line up. Thank you for sticking around! Be safe and well always!

*All images, music and video belong to Paleos or Punk Black*