Palace of Mourning is a….

Ruthlessly gut wrenching and potentially neck and spine damaging San Diego band. So, hang on to your bits because you’re going to fucking love this group.

I just recently found out about  Palace of Mourning and have yet to see them perform. I would have loved to see their recent show at the Che Collective to benefit Planned Parenthood but I was working. Ugh! I know. But as a struggling San Diego resident, I’m not complaining about working! However, the grind has forced me to live vicariously through the enclosed videos and tracks that I will include in this post. Enough chit chat!

Please enjoy this post about Palace of Mourning but don’t even tell me that they don’t grab you by your bits!

palace of mourning - Metal, Punk Rock and Cannabis - San Diego BlatherSocial Media Links:

FACEBOOK  – Updates on shows and etc.

BANDCAMP –  Buy and download tracks!

YOUTUBE – For obvious reasons.

The Good Stuff!

Yes, the actual reason you might still be hanging about. Videos!! Tracks!! Yes, of course, I will sign off immediately after the videos and tracks. Why? You’re not really here for me.

The following video was done by 197 Media, shot at Toxic Toast Records and released May 14, 2019.


From Palace of Mourning on Bandcamp



Thank you!!

You are appreciated so much for taking time to drop in for a visit. We hope that you enjoyed our little post about Palace of Mourning. As you can see, metal isn’t dying nor is original music. You just have to venture out and explore our fabulous San Diego music scene. Be safe and well always! \m/


Sometimes, people ask me why I love metal. Why? Metal is therapeutic. There is, seriously, nothing so soothing and grounding than listening to some soul rendering bass heavy metal with shredding guitars and spine damaging drums. The lyrics! Yes, the lyrics, as is the music they’re wrapped in, the lyrics are often as violent as our emotions and our anxieties are but this is why metal is so fucking therapeutic.  One day, I’m going to make it to a Palace of Mourning show and it’s going to be sooooooo relaxing.