Online cannabis events are happening??

cannabis - Metal, Punk Rock and Cannabis - San Diego BlatherYes, there are virtual events and meetups who are are paving the way for you to make cannabis friendly friends and enjoy cannabis related events. I’ve created of a list of virtual cannabis friendly ways to elevate your down time! I hope that you find something on here that will pique your interest and to share with your friends or make new friends online. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet in real life!

Upcoming Events with EventHi

EventHi  is an amazing platform designed to connect the cannabis community with free to small fee social and networking events. Obviously, as we are staying safe at home, all events are virtual but soon we’ll be able to physically sashay and sesh. Meanwhile, I’ve listed a couple of their recent events as an example of what you may find. So, be sure to connect with  EventHi for future virtual events. Yes, there will be actual physical events soon. Just hang in there!


May 8th at 6 to 7:30 pm PDT – Cannabis Trivia Night – FREE  and virtual Cannabis Trivia Night with prizes! Brought to you by Avalon Company, Spring Valley CA. Event is also on May 14th too!

May 12th at 4:30 to 6 pm PDT – California Cannabis Tourism Association Virtual Meeting. This is a FREE  interactive advocacy and education event for those in the industry or are considering. This event will be recorded if you cannot attend, just be sure to RSVP prior to the event.


Cannabis events on MeetUp!

cannabis - Metal, Punk Rock and Cannabis - San Diego BlatherMeetUp is a platform with just about every kind of social or networking group that can be created and is available for you to join. You’ll find  groups for socializing for fun, music, networking for business,  crafting, exercising, social causes and cannabis related.  With our current situation, most of the groups are on hiatus but there are some who are still virtually meeting! This is a list of a few of the cannabis related groups. Please be aware that a couple may ask that you have a medical recommendation. Most events and groups are free or may have a small fee. Just be sure to check out all the little details.  Have fun!

Conscious Cannabis Circles – Yoga and mediation sessions 

Cannabis Marketing Association – Business networking and educational events that are membership required. Might as well check it out!

North County Cannabis Community – If you love cannabis, music, good people, yoga and having fun, this meetup group is for you!

Ganja Yoga San Diego – The yoga, soundbath and a farm tour with good people. Just bring your good vibes in to the scene!


More Cannabis Stuff!

Honey Flower - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherCheck out San Diego’s  Honey Flower Collective.

Licensed Cannabis Event Organizers Providing Cannabis Education, Cannabis and Hemp Consulting, Community Connections and CBD Products

Cannabis Virtual Farmers Cup on July 10th – TIX HERE

More Honey Flower Collective Events HERE – Details may change due to Covid-19 restrictions.




Want to Grow Your Own?

Growing your own can be challenging but rewarding. To make it easier, check out Green Carpet Growing for virtual one on one instruction, workshops, events and shopping for supplies. Pretty much a one stop shopping trip and they are San Diego based!

Green Carpet Growing

(619) 828-3338


There You Go!

Thank you for dropping by and checking out the list of virtual and soon to be non-virtual cannabis related events! If you know of a business or an event to add, please hit me up! You can contact San Diego Blather on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. Thanks for dropping by! Stay lifted, safe and well always!

*Green Carpet image is property of Green Carpet Growing*