Honestly, I’m not sure whether or not the band or any of the members of New Skeletal Faces are from San Diego. Their bio simply states that they are from, California. What I do know is that New Skeletal Faces has recently blown minds at two shows, in two different San Diego venues. So, that’s pretty San Diego ( ish ), right? Fuck it, I’m going with it. UPDATE: New Skeletal Faces is a San Diego band! Yay!! 

Anyways, I’m listening to New Skeletal Faces, new EP now. What I’m hearing can be described as otherworldly with a lovely dark fantasy feeling but somehow they still bring that brutal metal. I heard the metal in the meticulous shredding, power driven drums with a dark intent feel. I loved it! The vocalist, Errol Fritz, has a voice that reminds me a little bit of, Robert Smith from The Cure. Don’t get twisted, Fritz does not copy Robert Smith’s style but his voice does sound similar. Basically, I love New Skeletal Faces!

New Skeletal Faces shreds, the vocals and lyrics are intense with pounding drums that make New Skeletal Faces danceable but still quite metal. Nu Metal/Goth Metal? Yeah, I’m going with that.

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Errol Fritz – Vocals / Guitar

KRO – Bass

Don – Drums


New Skeletal Faces Videos and Sample Track!


Published 3 months ago by Bill Russell on YouTube – please subscribe



Published, August 11, 2017. Found on Wretched Things on YouTube – please subscribe

From New Skeletal Faces on Bandcamp


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Yes, we do appreciate you so much for taking the time to drop in on San Diego Blather. We hope that you enjoyed our little introduction to New Skeletal Faces and like us, you will go see one of their shows. They do tour so keep up with their show updates on their Facebook page and their other enclosed social media links. Remember originality thrives in our local music scene but we have to support it. So, support local music and go see a show!

Be safe and well always!

*Images are from the New Skeletal Faces Facebook page *