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When your metal has to be blacker than black, Necrochamber will destroy you. Seriously. This is lava level incendiary shit that’s overflowing with intense shredding, neck breaking drums and those satanic vocals that’s going to rip you up. Promise. Oh and guess who is going to be partaking in this insane line for the Wacken Metal Battle 2020? Necrochamber? Hell yes they are! You don’t want to miss this event! The entire destructive line up is going to melt your face into a puddle at your feet. Just follow this LINK for more information. Meanwhile here is more information on Necrochamber and a couple of videos. We hope that you enjoy the mind crushing Necrochamber!

Band Information and Social Media

Members: Nocturnal Overlord – Guitars, vokills, synths. Wotan – Drums & Battery. Demonic Possessor – Guitars. Hellbound Scourge – Bass.

From the About section on Necrochamber’s Facebook page –

NECROCHAMBER, born of blistered soil and hate for mankind within the foul wastelands of San Diego, California, the crags of which emerged in 1998. Heaving and thrusting forth to transform into a vessel in which an atmosphere of revulsion dwells. These vicious black metal rites of hatred and violence emanate with blasting chaotic drumming, evil guitar melodies, and horrific vocals. Evil will be unleashed in the year 2019 A.D., all shall relinquish Blood, Flesh, Evil, and Death to herald “Ceremonies for the Dead.
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From Cloz Drummer, this is Necrochamber’s “Black Wings & Demon Blood Live” Released, July 22, 2019.

This is, Necrochamber’s “Lord of The Deceased”. Found on Mythos Occutus on YouTube. Release date, Jan. 26, 2019

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What did you think of Necorchamber? Holy shit, right? Don’t forget to connect with Necrochamber on their enclosed social media links. Please come out to the Wacken Metal Battle 2020 at San Diego’s Brick by Brick. It’s going to be so fucking intense!  Please don’t forget to connect with us too, please! San Diego Blather Facebook and Instagram. Thank you so much! Be safe and well always!