The Bomb Diggity Bomb

Mystic Ritual - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherMystic Ritual is the  band you’ll blast when you want to empty beach on a fine summer day, just so you can have it all to yourself. The beach shall swiftly empty of those sand hogging tourists and families with those whiny kids, leaving just you and the remaining few who realize that Black Metal is perfect – everywhere and anytime. Sounds perfect? Why yes it does.

Mystic Ritual is Black Metal band from San Diego who delves into the deepest blackest part of your mind where your demons are placing bets on who can make you go crazy ( er ).   Does that even make sense? Mystic Ritual, with Defy the Tyrants and Sergulath  placed in the top three during Round 1 of San Diego Wacken Metal Battle 2020, held at Brick by Brick. Yes, there has been a Round 2 but I had to work the night of Wacken Metal Battle Round 2. Anyways, as you know, I don’t review bands nor do I review their releases. Why? Because; who the fuck am I to critique? That fun shit is for you. Nevertheless, I can in all honesty say, Mystic Ritual is the fucking bomb diggity bomb of Black Metal. ♥  Moving along…

Band Information and Social Media

Following any band on their social media accounts is the best method to stay updated for future shows, music releases and merchandise. You know that.

Social Media:    FACEBOOK      ♠         BANDCAMP

The following quotes and band member names were taken from Mystic Ritual’s Facebook page:

” Black metal from San Diego bringing hate to the unbelievers.”

” We are the unmarked one. Spreading hate to unbelievers, death will come to the false ones.”

Band Members: Guitar – L.J.     Guitar – B.D.     Drums – L.C.    Bass / Vocals – L.C.


Music Time!!

The following tracks were shared from Mystic Ritual on Bandcamp .  As incentive to you to get off your ass and see a show,  I do enjoy sharing videos of the bands. Not saying that a video is as good as seeing any band live in a cozy venue and breathing in your face. There is no comparison so go see a show.  I found one video from 2017, the video is not recent but it does reflect how sick Mystic Ritual is and they still are. So, please enjoy!

The following tracks are from Mystic Ritual EP “Unholy Incantation” which you can purchase on Bandcamp.

From Nox Aragorn on YouTube, this is Mystic Ritual 04/30/2017

In Conclusion…

I was right that Mystic Ritual is the “bomb diggity bomb of Black Metal”. Wasn’t I?

Thank you for dropping in. You are so appreciated!  I hope you enjoyed Mystic Ritual and that you will subscribe and follow them via their social media accounts. Send them some love as we all could use some. San Diego music scene is alive with creativity and diversity but it needs some TLC so when this fucked up shit blows over, get off your ass and go see a show. I better see you burn off those quarantine pounds in the pits! Be safe and well always! \m/

* The header image  is one I took at the San Diego Wacken Metal Battle Round 1 at Brick by Brick. All other images are from Facebook and  property of Mystic Ritual.  The video is property of Nox Aragorn on YouTube.*