San Diego’s MONARCH!!

Monarch - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

Monarch’s style is the sort of metal, that if it morphed into a living breathing beast, it will rip your fucking head off, hysterically laugh then shove your sweaty head right down your still moving neck but you’re not going to mind. You’ll not mind not one iota.  Curious? Did I mention that Monarch won the coveted 2019 USA Wacken Metal Battle? A bit more curious now, are we? Then read on for more information on Monarch i.e. band members, Monarch’s social media and their next performance. At the bottom of this post I have included a YouTube video of Monarch’s winning performance.


♥ Notice the image below? It’s the flyer for their next show  and it’s for an extremely worthy cause. So, don’t fuck off on this one! ♥

Monarch - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

Band Information and Social Media

Members: Matt Smith – Guitar / Vocals,  Adam West – Drums,  Alex Pickard – Bass ,  Casey Trask – Lead Guitar

Social Media: WEBSITE    FACEBOOK    INSTAGRAM    YOUTUBE    (Follow to stay updated, book the band and purchase merchandise! )

<—–Next show is 02/21/2020 ( HERE for show info )  at The Pour House in Oceanside, CA





I found this description on Monarch’s website ( hope they don’t mind ) . I loved their story and feel nobody is else can tell it better than Monarch can!

Formed in 2007 and hailing from the outskirts of Northern San Diego. Front man, Matt Smith’s (Nihilist, Damcyan, Muffhues Studios) intricate, brutal guitar riffs compliments perfectly with Casey Trask’s (The Three Tremors, CAGE) melodic shredding solos and vice versa. Accompanied by Alex Pickards (The Three Tremors, CAGE) heavy, rapid bass and the insane thunderous, pounding drum rhythms of Adam West. Having proven their hard work and skill, playing shows with thrash metal legends: Death Angel, Exmortus, Warbringer, Vektor, and Brazil’s Nervosa, making them San Diego’s new thrash metal kings. Follow the rise of the Monarch as they Go Forth… and Slaughter! Reminding everyone that thrash is alive and thriving giving you reminiscent tastes of Slayer, Children of Bodom, and groove metal godfathers Pantera. In 2019 Monarch won the acclaimed Metal Battle Championship title for the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle. The band overcame 100+ competing bands across America to secure their spot in one of the worlds largest metal festival in Germany.”


Now, this is the part of every post that I think everyone really enjoys the most! This is video is from Monarch on YouTube. This Monarch’s performance, in it’s entirety at the 2019 USA  Wacken Metal Battle. Enjoy!!



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