Methodrone was one of three San  Diego bands that played the King Batt Entertainment event at Stage163. Like I said, this entire line up was spectacular which included, Fisted and Osmium.  Now, this band, Methodrone, is a force of musical talent. Their style is Doom Metal but with a delectable splash of some hot bluesy licks. The experience is one of psychedelic music meets classic bluesy rock and is lovingly embraced by nice fuzzy Doom Metal. Methodrone is unique and certainly worth your consideration. So, without further ado, lets get to it!


Band Members and Social Media


Band Members: I couldn’t find a list. Sorry about that!

Social Media:  FACEBOOK     INSTAGRAM       SPOTIFY  ( Take the time to listen to their creations on Spotify! )     YOUTUBE



I love the video section of each post we put together. However, I’ll say this time and time again, there is absolutely nothing like watching a band perform right in front of you. So, please, go see a show! I promise you will not regret supporting your local music scene.

This video is, “Butcher’s Tools” from Methodrone’s EP, The Other Side. Released on December 07, 2019.



This video was footage from Methodrone’s performance at Stage163. I wish I could say I shot this video but the credit goes to Jose Cuevas ( The guitarist ). Thank you, Jose Cuevas for sharing this awesome video on your band’s Facebook page!


Thank You!

Did you love Methodrone? We do and hope you do as well. Please hook up with them via their social media and don’t forget their upcoming show! Also, does anyone actually make it to this last portion of the posts? We’re not sure. Lol Nevertheless, we are so pleased you dropped by and hope you come back. Please tell your friends or enemies, you know. We do have a FACEBOOK page and a INSTAGRAM account. Please drop by and say, “Hello!” Again, we are so pleased you dropped by and THANK YOU!! Be safe and well always! \m/

*With the exception of the onstage group shots, all over images and videos are property of Methodrone and Jose Cuevas.*