A bit of blathering on….

Once in awhile I’ll blather on in a post about whatever has been playing on my mind. Not everything that’s been keeping me up because that would be ridiculous and I like to keep my demons private. I promise, the urge occurs only once in awhile and this post is one of those bits of blathering on The fireworks are booming in the distance and even during this Covid-19 pandemic, from the thunderous booms I tell that the usual colorful 4th of July fireworks shows must have been spectacular.  A sky lit celebration for this day of independence and celebration because as on this day 07/04/1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed and included, ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

What many today refuse to believe is that our Declaration of Independence is utter bullshit. Yes, not even worth the hemp paper it was printed on when considering that slavery was legal, exploited indentured servitude was legal, women were not able to vote, the extermination of the  Native Americans was openly embraced, domestic abuse was perfectly fine and the list of how inequality reigned supreme over the alleged equality is lengthy and disturbing.  I guess we need to bear in mind that people of color and women in general were not considered creatures worthy of equality and not even on the same level of men, white affluent men that is. Hence the forgotten defacto caveat of the Declaration of Independence. We have lived in a bubble of manufactured illusions.

Upon realizing how truly brainwashed I was through inaccurate and literally white washed history text books, I’m sure as hell not going to sit around listening to Kenny Rogers wailing over the speaker about how proud he is to be an American. I do love being an American as I realize I could have been born in Afghanistan, for example. I’m glad I wasn’t burn in Afghanistan type country where the Taliban can order a  woman can be stoned to death after the simple accusation, just the accusation, of adultery and for fleeing from a forced marriage. If I were within Taliban territory? I would have been stoned to death, resurrected just so they can stone me to death again. So, for that reason, I’m glad that I was born in America where if a woman enjoys getting around, the word, “slut” is hurled as opposed to stones.  So, yes, I love the United States but our country is far from the best country in the world and our society is a hot mess. We are so brain washed into this stratified system of us and them that to say it’s a multi layered problem is an optimistic understatement. Yet,  it’s not just our country that subscribes to this divisiveness due to  religion, incomes, neighborhoods, ethnicity and cultures. You know this to be true. I don’t have to bring out a power point or cite news articles. If the only critical thinking you did about this subject was to think back on your high school years than you would realize that there is stratification in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, in our communities and in our countries. It’s fucking everywhere and it needs to stop but that’s literally almost in impossible. Our fears, our bigotry and our ignorance works for those who hold the most wealth and power. So, lets work on realizing that uncomfortable truth that is we are the working class who struggle for crumbs from the elite and we have all been brainwashed to be drooling and grateful for it all. There are a core of individuals and entities such as corporations and churches that hold vast wealth and power obtained from long standing wealth and governing abilities ( Catholic Church, for example ). For a nice little article about who has the money, click HERE.  These people are the ones who decide what we need based upon their needs for profits and power to control then market it to us as the most healthiest, what reflects high morals, what to wear, what to eat, where to get a college education, what medicine is good for us and etc etc etc.  Bottom line.  Our continued stratified society enforced by our bigotry, ignorance and greed is keeping us divided and it’s working against us and for them. We need to manifest unity amongst us. For reference, watch this video from Poltizane on YouTube was released in 2012 and it still holds true today. Check it out!



What can we do about it?

Sadly, you still need to purchase items to eat and wear. Just as you will always need employment, medical services,  pharmaceuticals and household supplies. What we can do though is to concentrate on what will actually work best for us. When I say, “us” I mean the working class whose incomes barely cover the bare necessities and missing one paycheck can be catastrophic  to them and right up to those who can afford to purchase one mini-mansion. That’s a wide range of people with varying incomes with needs and wants. One thing that is true across the line is that we are all only 1 to 3 unforeseen incidents from losing our shit. Covid-19 is a great example of that scenario. In a blink of an eye we were shut down. Many were but a couple of weeks from paying rent so on April 1, 2020 they did not have their rent money and that’s when their eviction process began with a surprise job loss. Before the moratoriums were in place and before that one time $1,200 stimulus check was graciously distributed. You know what that one time $1,200 check was?  It was a spit in the ocean of our needs and a slap of reality in our collective faces that our government is consistently and willfully ignorant as to what the people truly need. It was also a profound wake up call that our various bigotries must end. We can’t force anyone to love us or even like us but we can accept that each of us have an existence of worth and deserve equal rights and a community that will back them up. Our government has failed us. Soon the rent moratoriums will expire and the bonus unemployment payments will expire. The Senate controlled GOP was not in the mindset to come to our rescue at the beginning of the Coronavirus shutdowns and they seem to be just as reluctant now. The Democrats claim to be looking out for us but each party is attempting to get pet projects and pet peeves addressed first while we have lost or in the process of losing everything. Honey, it’s up to us. Those who work or did work until the shutdown and are all on the verge of losing everything are the Proletariat. We are the working class, the Proletariat.  We are all we have. Bigotry does not help us but keep us divided and fighting among ourselves while those is in power  ( the Oligarchy ) grab for more wealth and increased power at our expense. We can all stop being so idiotically bigoted and that will be a huge power hit for all of us. We need to manifest unity.


Manifest Unity

Protesters - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherThe continued protests might be irksome, damages have been reported and some may even claim that the worst part that the protests are only focused on just one group but the protests are needed. All lives matter should also include Black lives, Asian lives, White lives, Native American lives, homeless lives, mentally ill lives and etc etc. Our bigoted viewpoints do not benefit you, me or anyone else. Your bigotry does not help you by making enemies with your black neighbors who might very well be the only people able to come to your rescue when an earthquake hits. Your bigotry won’t help you when your gay neighbors whom you have been hateful towards are the only people able to help you if you collapse in front of your home of a heart attack. These are just simple everyday and plausible scenarios before Covid.  If this Covid pandemic has taught  you anything at all, you should know that our government will be and has been the last to come to your aid. Our government will be  and has been the most troublesome “helpful” presence. If you ever had to rely on FEMA or suddenly need any government assistance you would know what I’m talking about. Nobody is asking you to “love thy neighbor” but you need to be realize that your neighbor of color, your neighbor from the gay community, your neighbor from the Muslim or Jewish community and etc are the only people who can come to your aid in a timely manner. Everyday we need each other and now more than ever! So get along and stop being a dick. Manifest unity for the working class. We are all we have to fight for what we truly need i.e. safe communities, affordable education, affordable healthcare, livable wages, equal rights across the lines, protection from sketchy financing and affordable housing.  We work for it, our parent work for it, our grandparents worked for it as did their parents and we deserve it. Without the working class Bezos would be this guy with a dream and nobody willing to do the dirty work to keep it going. Manifest unity and put aside our bigotries and fear. Stop living in a bubble of illusions and work towards manifesting unity.      Manifest Unity - Metal, Punk Rock Cannabis - San Diego Blather