From the darkest depths of punk rage…

Madrugado760 - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blathersprung forth this beast called Madrugado  and I’m going to call their style  Grind Punk. Is this an actual sub-genre?  Most likely I’m not clever enough to have made that up on my own but there is really no other appropriate description for what I’m listening to. This shit slaps like a wrecking ball!  Madrugado hails from San Diego North County which is encompasses anything north of Poway ( home of Blink 182. Oh hail Blink 182!). There is nothing simply rambunctious, pop punk, bouncy or naughty as punk can often be described, by me.  No, Madrugado’s form of punk rock is closer to grindcore metal due to it’s aggressively heaviness and distortion. Well, I thought as much anyways. Anyways, give them a listen and I hope you enjoy them!

 Social Media : LINKTREE

Click on the Linktree and you’ll go straight to all of Madrugado’s social media links. So easy!  Please do connect with them. There will be shows in our near future and the best method to stay updated is through any band’s social media links. Below are some images sent to me by a Madrugado member ( Thank you! ).

Madrugado video was sourced from Gore Grinder on YouTube.

Thank you!

Yes, I appreciate you for dropping in.  I hope that all is well with you and yours! So, if you’ve been on here before, you know my band posts are pretty short. No reason to give 6 paragraphs of blathering on about my day, my thoughts and blah blah blah. You know, like those recipe blogs? I’m always thinking, “Where is the recipe?? I just want the fucking recipe!” I save those posts for when I’m venting about how we should get along and crush the oligarchy ( we should, you know ). So, the venues are still closed and even the underground DIYs are shuttered, for now. Stay strong and use social media to connect and support Madrugado760 and our other talented bands!  Yes, there will be live shows but until then, mask up, blast some Madrugado to your neighbors and have a social distance pit. At least nobody is going to walk away with a black eye, this time. Be safe and well always!

*All images belong to Madrugado and the video was sourced from Gore Grinder on YouTube*