Lvciferian Death Mechanism

Are you ready for this sumptuously decadent swirl of occult inspired Black Metal?  Lvciferian Death Mechanism’s ferocious  creations have a other worldly feel but intensely substantial with pugnacious drums from Nickadeamus,  ripped with beastly vocals from Jachin and tempered with the angelic vocals of Catatonia Chordva.



Are you wondering why you have not heard of this Lvceferian Death Mechanism  ( LDM )  or wonder why you have not raged with them? Well, this band’s first show was March 19, 2020. Yes, the very day we were shutdown. San Diego missed out what would have been the very first performance of one of San Diego’s  blackest Black Metal bands. How did I find out about LDM? Catatonia messaged LDM’s page to San Diego Blather on Facebook   and provided this explanation about the band,

“It’s Luciferian but spelled traditionally like the movie the witch, or Behemoths Ov fire and the void and such…Lvciferian Death Mechanism is a synonym for the universe of light and death in which we exist…”

I have included a couple of videos for your pleasure. Is there the slightest possibility that we might see LDM at one of our local venues? Obviously, we are existing within an everchanging setting and guidelines but I found this future  Hoped for show !   This possible  future show indicated , Lvciferian Death Mechansim was slotted to be in the same line up Osmium619?? This would have show will slapped the shit out of you and you would have loved it! Honestly, I would not have made plans for the entire next day.  How can you keep abreast with all that LDM is up to? Well, the best method to keep updated and verify if this show is true is to hook up with LDM on their Facebook page.  Until then….

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Lvciferian Death Mechanism may not have had the chance to destroy a stage, but they will. Obviously they are not allowing this hiccup to derail their plans to melt your stupid face off! Check out their recent video!






Thank you!

I appreciate you so much for dropping in. I hope that you and everyone you know are doing well. Can you believe that we are within a couple of months of 2021? I don’t know what is in store for us but it’s reassuring to know that LDM is one of the treats awaiting us. Just hang in there. We’ll get through this. Meanwhile, please connect with LDM on their FACEBOOK and subscribe to LDM on YOUTUBE. Please feel free to reach out to San Diego Blather ( me ) on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. It would be nice to have a chit chat!  Be safe and well always.

* All images and videos are property of Lvciferian Death Mechanism*