Last Option - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherLast Option is for the absolute punk rock purist who enjoys the harder edged and aggressive side of this genre. From Arizona, Last Option originally formed in 1986 and has endured a hiatus and changes throughout the years. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, ” That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.  Last Option could have been but a memory, instead they are a wonderful addition to San Diego’s music scene.

A Bit More..

This seasoned band has, what  I call, “bratty vocals” kicking it with tasty guitar shredding with a nice distortion, meaty heaviness and rambunctious drums. Their lyrics speak  of good times and hints of frustrations that we can all relate to but with that “lets party our asses off!” vibe. Yes, you’ll want to party your ass off!

Honestly, I have  never seen Last Option live and  in my face all sweaty and shit –  yet.  I fully intend to do in the near future. Yes, getting destroyed by Last Option is among my top 10 things to do when this sucky but necessary  self-isolation and social distancing ends. Until then, I have chosen to  bide my time today by listening to their creations which motivated me  to introduce you to them! Hopefully, I’ll see you at a future Last Option show. Lets get to it…

Band Information and Social Media

Last Option does have a cool bio which you can check out HERE.

Members:    Jeff Bowers – Vocals,   Rob Miller – Drums,     Dave Shaller – Guitar   and Mike Sayers – Bass

Social Media:  FACEBOOK    ♣     INSTAGRAM    ♣       BANDCAMP


Love this part! The following Last Option tracks came from their Bandcamp page and were released in 1987. This is going to be a then and now moment, as you continue on to the recently released videos!

This is, ” Over Time”

This is, “Guilty By Association”


I had to share this sick video from Micheal Sayers when he shared it on San Diego Blather’s Facebook page. This song is off Last Option’s newest EP. Don’t you wish you could jump in that crowd?

Also from Micheal Sayers’s YouTube account, released on Jan. 08, 2020,  this is,  “Set It Off”. Tell me if you noticing familiar bands and flyers AND if you can relate to the lyrics. I can.


What’s Up?

What did you think of Last Option? Please let us know what you thought. Please do not forget to connect with Last Option through their enclosed social media accounts for all that is Last Option.  Thank you for dropping by. You’re so appreciated!  * All 6 of you!*  Don’t be too shy to drop  a message to San Diego Blather on Facebook or Instagram. Be safe and well always!

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