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Kitty Plague - Metal, Punk Rock Cannabis - San Diego BlatherKitty Plague creates infectious bits of luscious Garage Punk audio confections! You’re going to love their super fun nonsensical nerd and cat themed lyrics padding among lively beats, nice distortion and brightness galore. This is a band for parties or sweep away the doldrums. Of course, you’re not here for my review but to create your own opinion so lets have fun and meet San Diego’s Kitty Plague MEOW!! ( Cheesy? No regrets )

Band Information and Social Media

The following bio is from Kitty Plague on Facebook:

“Kitty Plague started in April of 2011, when John & mark met Stephen @theskybox open mic night in Clairemont. Mark was looking for a new band toplay the songs he wrote in the Canton Mudders & John was looking to play his Harry the Hippo songs. After a few jam sessions & Nirvana covers party, they decided on the name Kitty plague since 7 kittens were born in Mark’s backyard. In 2013, Stephen & John left Kitty Plague… Mark was committed to finishing the album and finding a new lineup. September 2014, brought a new lineup for Kitty Plague, Mark’s long time friend Jeremy Copp has come aboard to play bass & is currently writing new material for the band. And on the drums, producer / engineer and owner of Doubletime Studios, Jeff Forrest. We have finished our first full length l’appel duvide & our first video kickflip.”

Members:  Mark Haemmerle – Guitars,  vocals & sampler    Jeremy Copp – Bass & vocals      Jeff Forrest – Drums & Vocals

Social Media:        FACEBOOK           INSTAGRAM      ♣      BANDCAMP             YOUTUBE     


Truly the best part of all the posts. I picked out a couple of tracks from Kitty Plague’s Bandcamp and YouTube videos for you to scrutinize. I loved what I heard and I hope you do too! Don’t forget to connect with Kitty Plague via their above social media links though. Yes, Kitty Plague will hit the venues again and you’ll want to know all the details, right?

Kitty Plague – Modern Girl


Kitty Plague – Shadow the Wonder Kitty

Kitty Plague – Mynock  released April 29, 2020

Kitty Plague – Timelord. Released April 10, 2020


I love Kitty Plague! Yeah, I’m really cheesy but I don’t actually care. Please know, how much you are appreciated for taking the time to drop in. I’ve been distracted of late so it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. You know, life blah blah blah…  So, THANK YOU!!

Tell me, what did you think of Kitty Plague? I would really like to know. Anyways, please do not forget to connect with Kitty Plague through their social media links ( above ). I know it seems we will never have live shows again but we will, honey. So connect and stay updated on all that is Kitty Plague. While you’re at it, feel free to connect with San Diego Blather on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. Thank you! Be safe and well always!

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