K. Prouty

Have you ever heard anyone claim that metal suffers from a lack of definitive music?  You know, for some reason, some people do not hear the intricate finger work and the incredible shredding with complicated drum work. They just hear noise. As those who love this genre and it’s sub-genres, we know that this “noise” is rich with multi layers of musical talent and influences. Nevertheless, such as the case with any and all forms of art – opinions vary per individual. So, today, I’m introducing K Prouty who is new to me and I hope you will completely fall in love with what you’re about to hear. K Prouty creations are unique instrumental progressive metal that made me feel I was enjoying lovingly created atmospheric and ethereal but still very much metal creations. This is some of the sweetest of ear candy I’ve heard so please kick back and enjoy the enclosed videos. Well, after we do the band information and social media links etc. You know the drill!

K. Prouty - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

Band Information, Social Media & Upcoming Shows!

Band Members: Only two were listed – K. Prouty and A. Prouty.

Social Media: WEBSITE   ♥  FACEBOOK    ♥    INSTAGRAM    ♥   YOUTUBE



Bio from K Prouty’s Facebook:

“Progressive instrumental metal.
K Prouty sound architect, guitar virtuoso, started as a singer front man and played guitar only as a means to convey and write songs. Throughout his work in various bands it was his approach to guitar playing that would be talked about. K took a 10 year break from the music scene and in 2018 decided to play again and approach it all from a different perspective, as a guitar instrumentalist. 2019 saw 3 releases, a full length album in Jan, 4 song EP in June and 4 song EP in Nov. Radio play, headlined shows and opening for international acts”

Upcoming Shows: Click on the dates for information – March 10, 2020   ♥   March 31, 2020   ♥     May 19, 2020 


We hope you enjoy the following videos! As much as we love videos, there is nothing like seeing any artist or band perform in your face! Right? Don’t forget those upcoming shows.

Found on KP Music on YouTube, this is “Bioluminescence”, released 02/01/20


From KP Music on YouTube, this is, “Hidden Truths” filmed at Brick by Brick. Release date, 11/16/19

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We appreciate you so much for visiting with us! We are aware that you have many choices so we’re pleased to have you here. Well, that was K. Prouty. What did you think? Unique, melodic and very much metal? Hopefully, you enjoyed what you heard and have marked your calendar with K. Prouty’s upcoming shows. Please connect with K. Prouty on the enclosed social media links for information on upcoming shows, music releases and merchandise.