A Little Out Of The Ordinary…

Jen Phipps - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherJen Phipps has a rich and rather bluesy voice that has such a lovely depth and sincerity that rings out with each note she  hits so well. I really enjoyed her guitar mastery and would love to hear her do some metal! Maybe one day?  For now, Jen Phipps is a San Diego solo acoustic rock artist whose material reflects strength wrought from life’s journeys. I think we can all understand that life is the best teacher, a soul crusher and an inspiration as well.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am going to do occasional introductory posts on  bands and artists who may or may not be based in San Diego nor are they specifically metal and punk rock. Music is the gift that unites us all!  She’s a little out of the ordinary and quite special too. Please take a moment to check out the ultra talented Jen Phipps!


I post names of the band members and a bio with their social media links. However, Jen Phipps has this really cool kind of a bio video, I opted to share the video instead. Of course, I will include her social media links, please don’t forget to connect with her via the enclosed social media links while you listen to one of her songs that really resonated well with me. Also, there is a music video after the bio video so stick around for that, please!

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The following videos were sourced from Jen Phipps on YouTube.


Jen Phipps – “Bigot” released on April 07, 2020

The Gift of Music..

Thank you so much for dropping by! I loved exploring Jen Phipps’s music and I hope you did too. Great musical talent is a gift and one that is represented all over the world, from multiple genres and sub-genres. We can appreciate all of it too. That’s the beauty about music, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the indisputable fact is that Jen Phipps is mad talented. Please do not forget to connect with Jen Phipps via her enclosed social media links. Oh and don’t forget about San Diego Blather on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM too! Be safe and well always!

*All  images, shared tracks and videos were sourced from and are  property of Jen Phipps*