Independent Music Venues

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Reviews and information about San Diego’s local music scene

  • Gut Punch San Diego’s Gut Punch! This is hardcore punk brought to you by seasoned musicians. Check out enclosed video and track!
  • Defy The Tyrants What? You still don’t believe San Diego has an amazing metal scene? Check out this post about San Diego’s Defy The Tyrants.

  • New Skeletal Faces New Skeletal Faces may or may not be from San Diego BUT they’re amazing and a little different. We love them!

  • Santa Claus Is In Town! Santa Claus is in town! In San Diego, that is and Santa Claus is brutal!

  • Roman Watchdogs The Roman Watchdogs are a San Diego Pop Punk band. They bring fun, originality and tons of talent to each and every one of their shows! Check them out!

  • San Diego’s Christ Killer San Diego’s Christ Killer is a crossover band of extreme hardcore punk and thrash metal. They are truly ear candy to those who enjoy the hardcore side of music.

  • Flaunt – Hardcore Punk First off, Flaunt is a fucking sick name for a […]

  • Warpath – Native American Metal When most people think of San Diego’s mountains, they may […]

  • When Machines and Music Mate – Author & Punisher A wonderful addition to San Diego’s metal scene, Author & Punisher is completely unique with his methods. Tristan Shone aka Author & Punisher is one of the most heavily brutal artists on the scene.

  • The Pictographs I think we’re going to begin this post with, quotes […]